How will you feel helping handicapped rider with groceries and no tip?

Pickup a rider at a grocery store, cart full of bags and handicapped. I unload the cart into my trunk, drive to his home 3 blocks away and unload the groceries onto his balcony. He waits around and watches me so I think he’s gonna tip. When I’m done he checks the trunk, turns around and walks in the house. Just making sure I didn’t steal his toilet paper I guess… cappers can be assholes too😡

Think about what do you say would you family care you say that about someone calling someone Cappers. because you don’t have respect for them either maybe you don’t know what it’s like to be in their shoes and maybe they don’t have the money to give you anything they live within their means

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People won’t tip because Uber told them the tip is included. You idiots are mad at the wrong people

Rude is rude, tip or not. You’re obviously not mature enough nor intelligent enough to see the entire content of my comment

Did you not see that Uber told their customers they didn’t have to tip? How do you not understand that? Do you not read the news?

Getting mad at uber won’t change shit either when y’all gon realize this business they don’t care bout you me or anyone else

I did that once and almost canceled, but I’m like well he people do need food. I help load it and helped unloaded it. Even carried most of his groceries up to the 2nd floor. He did tip me $5 for the help

Yooooooooooo same exact thing happened with me today except they weren’t handicapped they were just little old like in 50’s that’s crazy! Didn’t get tip either smh I loaded and unloaded as well smh smh smh

I’ve noticed Wal mart and grocery store rides never rarely tip.

Guys its a flippen share ride program some people look at it that way. Once uber gets off their asses with the tipping system we’ll get more tips but until then its a share ride system with holes in it

Sorry for hard words just tired of all the whining over a couple bucks

That’s why I stopped picking up people at grocery stores because 99% of the time…they are going a short distance

Where does it say you have to help with their groceries…I saw one driver don’t get out at airports at all he sits in car let pax get their own luggage in and out

Wow you are a good one I don’t touch people things. Not even if there handicapped. I don’t want them to say I damaged there things

I never help them unload their groceries. If you called me then you can do it or at least you should have someone available to help you. I’ll wait while you come back and forth to my trunk to get your stuff out. Oh and if the bag looks heavy don’t expect me to lift it too and from the airport. I’ve learned my lesson usually breaking your back for those types of things gets you no tip.

I’m have to disagree because I believe in customer service. Weather I get tipped or not I’m always putting the customer first before myself. If tipped great if not oh well. For me it’s not about the money it’s about doing a service for the customer.

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Plus for groceries I’m not having anyone fuss for me messing their things up. People are funny about their things, so I let them handle it.

Yes I’m just saying where does it say I never said I don’t help bc I do that’s just who I am but I do know drivers who choose not too and that’s their choice and I don’t fault them

I think you all make great points. I help cause that’s the person I am. However, I don’t pick up at stores cause it’s a 99% chance they are going a short distance. Yeah, there is a chance of getting a tip but the chance of going a short trip and getting no tip is much higher than going a long distance.

I do the same I don’t want anyone saying I damaged there stuff. I don’t busload groceries either unless they too if they ask me to do that I would ask for a tip.