How was I being skipped?

Might be a silly thing to ask, but after two nights in a row, it’s really making me think.

Monday nights are usually slow, so my qouta to meet is $30. I can usually make that within the first two hours; however, I only got 1 ping in two hours. Tonight (Tuesday) is usually busy, but I only got 1 ping in two hours again. What was strange was that I saw Uber Drivers pull up in places I was already parked in to pick up passengers.

I like to read while I wait, so after a few minutes of short reading I went back to the UBER Driver app (was online the entire time), and I immedtaley got a notification saying that the rider cancelled, but won’t affect my ratings. Yet I never accepted a request… I wasn’t even notified.

The last two nights have been ridiculously slow for me. I mean, I’m only getting 1 ping every two hours, which never happened.

I knew already that my town has too many drivers, but this was definitely strange. I don’t see the idea of some drivers having some sort of advance over others being too farfetched…

Have any of you experienced this?

hopefully someone that is can chime in, but if you don’t have the passenger app to see where other cars are, I suggest you do it.

Use the passenger app to place yourself away from other drivers. It also let’s you see how fast request are coming in.

I think is the new driver effect. When I started driving for Uber it was non stop request. After a month it died down. I also got some really good trips at the beginning.
I also do this part-time. But you need to study your area.

Perhaps those drivers do Uber and Lyft. They might be doing Lyft pick ups. If you use a navigation app you might want to make sure it has your location locked in. I have noticed if it isn’t locked in on Google maps it screws up my Uber requests sometimes.

Your not the only one I’m in Baltimore and I was able to 150 a night in 8-10hr now I’m ranging less than 100 in the same hours! At the airport it seem like I’m getting hit with very short trips nothing more than 20$. It’s frustrating… I would really like to know how dispatch works

Also, summer months are always very slow.

out of curiosity is that across all markets? Considering I live/drive near SMU here in Dallas I kind of assumed the summer slow could be associated with college towns. Any insight?

For the most part yes. I would assume markets that don’t have heavy college presence wouldn’t see much difference, but you also have teachers and students that drive more hours during the summer which puts more drivers on the road.

Get the passenger app and see if you are visible on it. I live in Texas but 2 friends over the last week have had the issue where it doesn’t show them online and it’s taken like 2 days to fix it. Uber told them it was a technical issue not an app issue. They basically had to open a ticket and wait it out. :rage::confused::disappointed:

Too many drivers everywhere. Time to thin the herd. New background checks? Rating or trip minimums? How do we get it done?

In Cleveland we got drivers driving hoopties, maybe Uber and Lyft should start doing inspections on everything.

Here in Portland, OR we receive “ghost” or “phantom” pings that immediately disappear after we see & hear the alerts on our phones. We also receive double pings, one on top of another, which also immediately vanish. These weird pings knock down our Acceptance Rates; it’s a WASTE OF TIME to contact Driver “Support” about the issue.
Uber software sucks. Lyft’s is solid as a rock.

Bro I just drove 1.5 hours and only got 1 ping. The other day I drove 1.5 hours and got 12 pings its crazy but it is what it is.

I’ve been online for 5 hours tonight with no pings. But, I’m also laying on the couch watching tv so it’s not all that bad lol

Yes welcome to uber. I honestly don’t know why I do this. Way too many drivers and they want more. Let the techies get rich and the peons do the work.

Ive actually proven i was skipped. I was parked near the cwa in mosinee and made three requests while i was logged in…request 1 skipped over me even though i was 2 mins from my pickup location…picked someone 10 mins away…request 2 pinged someone 12 mins away…finally request 3 finally got to me. So app has some issues. Have the cancelled requests to prove this too.

This is happening everywhere. Plus, they now only pay the “Quest” certain hours of the day and it’s impossible to make it. They make it even more impossible by giving you a long trip and taking you out of the time frame. The boost has dropped to 1.1 in the beach cities, so it’s not worth it for me to drive anymore. THIS RATE WILL COST YOU MONEY! They continue to advertise, adding drivers by telling them they can make 1500.00 a week. The larger UBER gets, the more greedy they become. Sick of their games? Drive for LYFT like the rest of us. Side note: I had a person try to request me a month ago while sitting in my car. It went to many many other drivers before after 10 minutes, it finally came to me. These other drivers were 10 minutes away or more. Go figure.

Next time ask the rider to get out and walk a few feet away from your car. I think you were too close to each other.

We did that too. We even moved the car. It’s the UBER system. This wasnt the first time. I’ve been a driver since the beginning. So much has changed and it’s not for the good, unfortunately.

Everything determines a ping ur rating how close u r what kind of car u have everything it’s not just the closest one gets it anymore u can’t just get in the car and sit and expect money that’s not how it works know ur city ur areas events things that produce people especially drunk people that’s where u make ur money