How to pull a grand a week

Since there are so many petty asses in here, plus over $110 in cash tips. Yes, I STILL RECEIVE THEM!! Recheck your math ya whinny bitches! Only worked Sat n Sun 4 that bonus. As u can see barely worked Tue n Thur. Uber doesn’t see my cash tips and yes, I still get them. Didn’t realize the pettiness and childness in here and that I that I needed to actually explain it. Haters r gonna hate. I’m above them all…

took 42 uberX trips,
online for about 55+ hours and
drove for about 48 hours

I usually predict the passengers flow of traffic and that influence my decision of where to stay per-time. *I do UberX and POOL depending on traffic level (the less the traffic the better for me). *I use basic car;Toyota. QUESTION… do you drive full or part-time?? and when did you start???

Lol so y’all mad cause he told the truth :joy::joy:. Can’t round up money that’s not there smdh what school did you got to? I wanna make sure my grandkids stay out that district

just looking at your commennt it looks dumb… $32 from a grand and you’re gonna say it’s not a grand? Gimme a break… I think we learned how to round in the 3rd grade… Did you make it that far?

I don’t give a damn if it’s $5 it’s not $1000 PERIOD. You looking real stupid taking up for someone that can’t count. Rounding really :joy::joy::joy::joy:

why you dragging your niece in this … cuz you never went to college? Is your niece going to K state the closest you ever got to one?

I shouldn’t have to explain cash tips that r not reported to push it over a grand. Super petty. Here’s ur crown… :crown::crown::crown: reality is you didn’t post anything about cash tips in the original post. If you would have added that little piece of information you wouldn’t have had any problems. Learn to include all the information in your post

Why you looking at my profile anyway… Notice I don’t need to look at your file to know you’re a dumbass well don’t claim 1000 if it’s not our business. How about not posting at all… if you have a bill that’s 1000 let’s see if they take your $968 and say it’s paid in full. Use common sense. They not rounding up to pay your bill.

That’s only your opinion. It spends it counts. You don’t pay my bills, I do. I still get cash tips as well, so don’t tell me “Cash don’t count”. I received an additional $40 in cash tips not reflected. Stop noting. WTF is wrong with u people? Think u have to nit picking every fucking point! I don’t think so. Why don’t you give me your cash tips, since “Cash don’t count”?

I’m saying it don’t count towards the app :roll_eyes:. Yes you made 1k but you made it by receiving cash as well. We didn’t nit pick lol.

I would hope you made that.
You spent 1 and half work weeks driving, What were you expenses.This is nothing to flaunt.

Congratulations! Why do ppl always complain? If your not happy driving with a rideshare open your own business from the start and watch how much time and money you spend until your own business is profitable… yes I drive rideshare and when it got slow I focus on my plan A, B and C … yes you with have expenses what business you have that don’t have expenses but they are tax write offs… ppl kills me complaining about Uber and Lyft fucking ppl over I guess they feel they suppose to operate under their name for free

Again make that money… you did it on your own time and great job

I truly thought this was supposed to be a support group and swap ideas not a group of people can get petty and jealous and slam each other all about to quit this group is I just don’t like the attitude of the people

sometimes you have to let negativity move you cause they are not happy with their situation don’t let their attitude reflect on yours … support is just not in some ppl they can’t find the words in them to say congratulations or give advice to help the next … criticism whether is constructive or negative let me be your motivation to succeed

I did the corporate grind for 30 years 7 days a week 60 to 80 hour work weeks for half the money and I didn’t get to write-off the gas to work there so I think I’m doing pretty good I’ve got money in my pocket every week and I’m able to save haters are gonna hate

you could have wrote something off then but keep pushing I stopped driving full time cause the maintenance and miles on my car but I drive every now and then but I had to learn to drive smart instead of driving around looking for rides that was a big mistake of mines

that’s good that was my mistake when I first start driving I didn’t know but in one of the group a young lady gave a suggestion and I did it and it help me … now all I see is complaints

which group is what? Make sure I answer the question your asking? If you wondering the group that gave the advice to drive smarter? If so it was the female group

My question is how much of that is fuel cost? How much of that is set aside for taxes? How much of that is set aside for maintenance or car rental? Now after u factor all that in how much are u really bringing home and how long did it take u to make that?