How Much Do Uber Drivers Make--Show Your Weekly Pay Stubs


(Preet) #1

Recently we did an article on Uber driver pay and looked at all the studies that have been done so far. Well, they are just studies. Why not look at the real pay stubs from Uber drivers to see how much they really make in a week.

Here’s my pay stub for Dec 19th - 25th:

As you can see in the pay stub above, I made $1521 in about 59 hours, which comes out to be approximately $25 per hour gross wage. Not a bad hourly wage!

Note: I also drive with Lyft at the same time, so the total earning for the week is close to $2000 gross.

I would like to see what other Uber drivers are making around the country, or even worldwide. Hit the reply button and share your pay stub.

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(Preet) #2

One of my best weeks in 2017 was June 19th - 25th. Summer is the best time in Seattle to make money with Uber and Lyft. Seattle is packed with tourists and there are plenty of events that take place during summer time. Tourists plus locals send the demand for Uber and Lyft through the roof!

I did drive a lot in that week though. My total hours were close 90.

Lyft Pay Stub:
Lyft Pay Stub

Uber Pay Stub:

(Rakesh Sharma) #3

I am from Philadelphia. I drive Uber X. I see that people are earning 400$+ a day. Can you give me some tips? Because I never earn more than 15$/ hour on average.

(Donna Harris) #4

I don’t think $400./day is normal anywhere nowadays.I heard the very first Uber drivers were making $500./day but there were less Uber drivers on the street back then.

(Harris Frank) #5

You have to keep an eye out for special events and drive on holidays. I made more than $200 yesterday (Christmas). A friend of mine made $450 the Saturday before Halloween. I started at 9 pm that night, drove til 630pm and made $250. Looking forward to New Years.

(David Smith) #6

Each market I’d different. Here in Vegas, it’s possible to make $400 in one day if you get a couple of strip club runs or massage parlor run.

(Donna Harris) #7

Drive during the morning or night when people are going to work or from it. That’s pretty much it there’s too many drivers to make money.

(David Smith) #8

After a while, you will learn what areas surge and which ones don’t. Usually, Friday and Saturday nights are good as well as New Year’s Eve. The people who make $400 per day are generally driving Uber Select, Black, LUX, etc. not UberX. You get a 2 or 3x surge with Select or higher; you can make some good money.

(Mitchel) #9

I drive in Philadelphia and NJ, and you will not make $400 a day. I drive 12 hour days seven days a week, and there are no secret spots to hit. The market is saturated, there are few if any surges that last long enough for you to drive to when they do appear. There are no promotions except for UberEats, there is no Uber Select (I have verified this at the green light hub; you should visit if you doubt me), and Uber black is reserved for limousine companies. You must have a license with a fleet and limo tags on your car per Uber and PPA. PPA is the only ones that regulate limo companies. Thus, you want to make money in Philly hit the burbs and be willing to drive long distances. I’ve yet to net over $600 in a week driving 12 hours a day seven days a week. But I’m still searching for this secret area where you can make $1400-1700 a week in Philly. Funny lots like to post pictures, but no one wants to say where these locations are on the map in Philly.

(David Smith) #10

I average around $ 17.00r per hour…before taxes, I’m pretty happy with that because it is a non-stressful job, I really don’t need the money, and I can do basically whatever I want…I do it more to get out of the house and to have little extra money; I’m retired, work about 4-5 hours Mon. thru Fri, only

(Kimberly Nelson) #11

Worst earning week ever, and I still have about 50$ in gas that will be taken out. I’m not even making min. wage this week

(Paul Garcia) #12


(Timothy Clark) #13

What a record-breaking weekends for me. I never made this much with uber even in the good days. I felt really blessed for all this and wished everyone was happy as I was.

As much as happy I was with this income, this is not all paid by the customer . uber has been paying incentive they call earning Boost. Earning boost is where they guarantee you guarantee surge for a certain amount of time.

I personally don’t agree with it because it can go away anytime. They should be Charging the customer more, so our income will be more livable.

I have done it all from being paid less than the minimum to decent pay so am not going say “quit if you don’t like it.” many others drivers are suffering, and that is not cool.

We should be making decent pay that is enough to leave and enjoy life with. This is not a complaint but personal concern as a fellow driver.

Uber is not my career. I am a film student who is trying do something with my life. But others are here to make this a clear. I do not love being an uber driver since I am in love with making films.

Uber needs to take care of all drivers so they can enjoy what they are doing. We should all support one another and not fight. Uber is not meant to be sole income? You are entitled your opinion but not your fact. Uber started out with $90k a year gig, and it was possible. Lots of people made money…and when they got big…they turn their back on drivers. Even now in San Fransisco, they are paying guarantee pay as high as $45 an hour. This a gig where you use a car that cost you $10k to $20k why on earth do you think this should be part-time gig?

I hope everyone is doing well.

(Timothy Clark) #14

What a great yesterday was? I had few times were I was upset, but it worked out fine. I made a record-breaking $330 in one day for the first time ever…because of the earning Boost. Earning boost is the incentive from uber that you get for driving.

On my other story. While I was doing uberpool yesterday, the first girl I picked up was nice and friendly. And then things got interesting when I picked the other guy. He asked her how her day was. She was like my co-worker has feelings for me…and I was like oh ok. She was like he was drunk. I said do you have feelings for him? She replied oh no I am married!!! Wow, she said she didn’t know about it until today. And before she finished the other guy was like I have a similar story. I have a friend who is married with a kid, and I feel like we have a connection, but I Don’t know what to do about it. He said she buys me a drink and dance with me.

I told him straight up. I said have you seen Titanic were Leonardo DiCaprio had painful death at the end? They were both like yes you are right and laughed. I told them you keep it up, that is the road you will be taking. No matter how it feels good, it won’t feel good for long. He kept saying how he is not a home wrecker. I said Even if your intention was just to see her, I highly suggest you don’t.

The other girl said I would never leave my husband for my coworker. But she did say she would date him if she weren’t married. She told him don’t peruse it as well.

They were both happy, and I am glad I help them with injecting some moral values in their life. I normally just keep quiet unless I am asked, but I am always willing to help if anyone needs advice.

What would you have done?
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(Timothy Clark) #15

“raising rates lets us continue to improve the app and provide better support” yeah increasing fares for drivers and treating them well, will result in billions of profit for you, not a loss you are facing now uber
so uber decided to increase fare not for drivers but for uber?. The safe ride fee, 25% to 40% fee they take out from each ride, the upfront pricing and the $16billion they have raised isn’t enough. What were the 180 days change for, if they are not showing any attempts to improve drivers earning? I am not here to complain but share my reaction as a driver. What do you guys think?

(Eric Moore) #16

You all still complaining? Don’t you realize they’ll never change, they’ll never be for the drivers? They look at us as uneducated, desperate, bottom feeders. If you want things to change, you must change them yourselves. But it’s not going to happen. You all will still drive, still log on and drive at this bottom feeding rates. As for me, I’m not talking out of my ass. I have stop driving, and no I’m not suspended or kicked off the app. I refuse to drive until I’m treated fairly. I love driving, but not enough to drive at slave wages, while the elites get rich.

(Jerry Hall) #17

I’m not beating the hell out of my cars for $3.00 to $4.00 drove someone 13 miles made like to make $12.66 you know how much 13-mile cab ride is? at least $50 to $70 in my market

(Harold Young) #18

I WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME MYSELF TO THE 2K CLUB!!! Before I get into the details I’m sure most of you saw my post 2 days ago where I made 1k in 40hrs, so hours don’t matter to me at this point…this was a personal goal that I set FOR MYSELF so keep your blah blah blah to yourselves…it took me 78hrs to achieve this milestone in which I would gladly accept this personal challenge again “ANYDAY”…The Electronic TIPS was great AGAIN this week (as you can see via screenshot) with $80 in cash tips…Also, there wasn’t any bad weather that would cause additional surges with only one quest promotion of $70…Honestly, This was a just hardcore straight grind…I’M VERY PROUD…

how-much-do-uber-drivers-make (3)how much does an uber driver make

(Donna Harris) #19

Good job you did twice the hours at a bit less than double what I make in an avg Thurs - sun 35 hours. Sounds right. It kicks your ass after awhile. No easy feat. I used to love those big checks for big hours when I first started. Grats on the 2k. Nice,

(Bick Bhangoo) #20