How Much Do Uber Drivers Make--Show Your Weekly Pay Stubs



I drive in Philly . I drive Fri and Sat nights only. Roughly 10p-3a. I avg $200 a night not counting cash tips. It’s there just need to find it.

(Jaay Mun) #23

That’s awesome! Some of the main factors are the market (city) and the locations within that market…a smaller market drivers probably won’t expect to earn as much.

(Saji George) #24

These are best days of the year, Be practical about what you highlight, If you show a pattern of your weekly earnings for 6 months , I will agree with you. Not that I am complaining, there are days I have sat and made $10 from 5pm to 11pm. So we cannot compare just with the Glorious days… The other thing I feel bad about certain rides is $2.00 rides, I drive a Caddy SUV , On a daily basis I get about 3 to 5 rides which is about $2.50 a ride , which is I drive about 2 miles to pick a rider up and drop them 1.5 miles. I feel Uber has to make the ride minimum $5.00.