How many drivers and parents are comfortable with having kids ride without car seats?

I had a request and woman walked to my car with a child. I asked her if she had a booster seat. She answered, “No”. I said, “I’m sorry but I cannot drive you and your daughter without a booster seat”. She seemed annoyed with me and proceeded to tell me she gets rides with her child all the time. I’ve run into this at least five times in 6 weeks and I’ve cancelled each ride. This has really bothered me. How many drivers and parents are comfortable with having kids ride without car seats?

Me, that’s the parent problem… I let them know their child need a car seat if they agree that they’re okay that’s fine. Dash cam

Well aren’t you a peach. Good luck using that excuse in court should something happen to the child.

Most accidents are fender benders and won’t kill you but even if that were to happen, if the cop saw that a child was travelling in your car with no seat, you’re legally at fault. It’s true that it’s the parents responsibility to bring a seat but you gotta cover your own ass in that type of situation cause no one else will. Drive safe out there :blush:

My only exception is taking them to school here in DC because the rides are a mile or less and I buckle them in before I roll. Once I had a single father and I had to school him to get a convertible booster seat because I am not paying that $250-500 ticket. I do inform the parents with small kids though.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming even more popular since its technically legal. A lot of riders are use to taxi drivers letting them do this, since they have switched to uber they still think it’s ok, a smart parent would never place a child in harms way, unfortunately there are a lot of stupid careless people in this world that are ignorant and oblivious to the dangers

And that’s the rub all drivers are faced with daily. Ridezhares could care less how old the passenger is. The driver is punished one way or another for not taking an illegal passenger. If I was an attorney with tort experience I would file a claim against both ridezhares for not taking action to protect the drivers better. Especially in light with the dead uber driver incident

I CAN’T do it. The child’s safety always comes before me making a buck. According to Lyft, we should NOT allow it and it’s in the passenger agreement. I’ve been told they call the passenger to follow up and inform them that it’s up to them to provide the seat.

Yeah I had a chick that had a toddler with a stroller, her, a young girl and her handicapped mother with her hoveround. I just got out of that ride because of the stroller. It was too much weight they wanted in my car. They needed an XL or truck.

To continue since my phone is a piece of shit … the dead man’s family has a really good case since neither uber or Lyft has ever taken preventative measures to protect drivers from underage - hence illegal passengers. For every driver who turns down such passenger at the risk of no $ and lower acceptance/ cancellations there is another driver there to take them because we all know uber/Lyft doesn’t care if they are underage because no one is going to do anything

I’m sure not ONLY you have noticed this. And I’m sure NOT only uber and lyft don’t care. the cities don’t, most patents don’t, some don’t have a choice, news don’t care and even those who advocate so intellectually on social media where it means NOTHING, instead of using that amazing gift of words in a place that counts… they don’t care either. And yes it’s very very wrong to do so, I have children and go nowhere without their carseat. But I’d be lying if I said I’ve NEVER given a family member with children a ride home and there was no car seat. What’s the difference? Why are we so willing to crucify our fellow drivers for something that’s clearly NOT any issue to more than 90% of population, NOT an issue to the cities and companies we work for (If they did, something would have been done by now) and last but not least the very patents who should know better? Does it make it right that patents don’t care? Hell no. But in Social Media, it’s only another topic of discussion that gets people’s feathers ruffled and they start acting like they care so much more than they actually do cause they never do shit worth it about it. Other than bitch about it on Facebook that is…Facebook seems to hold a lot of this discussions lol.

Only reason it actually means something to everyone is because the blood hounds found a way to make it a LAWSUIT! If no lawsuit was involved, I guarandamntee you NOBODY WOULD GIVE TWO FUCKS. But since we have millions of Facebook lawyers every time the subject arises, so do this so called “lawyers”. Lol

Don’t feel bad, this has happened to me at least twice. None of those fares are worth the risk associated with them. Keep up the good work and Uber/lyft on.

Me all the time. I get really irritated. Even though I do have a 5 year old and a booster seat, it’s for my child only. I don’t wanna claim liability for someone else’s child being injured from my booster seat.

I’ll also add (as mean as this is gonna sound) but sometimes I get really annoyed dealing with other people’s infant/toddler kids.

I point the dash cam at them and tell them I have I have kids and If I sure as hell won’t let them ride in here with out the right seat, what makes you think I am going to do it for someone else kids… they seem to shut up at that point and out of 30+ ride request like that I only had to cancel 2 or so, they cancel the rest…

No child seat no ride. No exceptions.
Once had a woman with an infant start shoving it through the passenger window that I opened when I wouldn’t unlock my doors. I drove off real quick.

Always make them cancel instead of you canceling.

In all seriousness, what is “it” to which you are referring? Please don’t tell me it was her child she tried shoving through the window.

wow relax. Just didn’t know if the child was male or female so used the word it.

She started putting the infant of unknown age or gender through my passages window.

you relax. Since we were talking about car seats, it wasn’t clear if you were referring to the child or to a booster seat that the passenger tried shoving through your window. Thus, my clarifying question. But, yes, I’m thrilled now. Thanks for the more detailed description.

my bad. Didn’t realize that I hadn’t said she was upset that I wouldn’t take her due to no car seat and that was the reason my does were still locked. I made a post about it in this group sometime ago.

Yeah, guess she thought that if she put her infant in my car though my open window that I would take her.

Oddly all the pax In the poorer neighborhoods always seem to have proper seats.