How many do this for money while creating good customer service?

So how many do this just for money. How many do this for money while creating good customer service even if not tipped and not get mad about. I do uber as a way to get out of the house. I love doing customer service and if tipped great. If not oh well. I see myself as someone who cares and puts the customer first before myself. If I’m not doing that then I shouldn’t be doing this kinda job.

Michael I do it for the experience myself. I enjoy being out and helping people period.

If I’m able to prevent someone from hurting themselves or others or damage things because I gave them a ride I’m happy.

Tips are welcome but I am just as happy without.

Best post I have ever seen in this group and I one hundred percent agree.

I go above and beyond! I love Ubering. I’m glad I’m doing this to keep our streets safe. And love when a drunk gets in the car and not behind the wheel of their car.

I do this for money not fun. I do enjoy it and providing customer service but we don’t get paid enough not to care about tips. There is still no tipping option in my area so if I don’t get a cash tip the rider gets a lower star rating. For me I believe in mutual respect and appreciation. What kind of asshole takes a cab or ride share and doesn’t tip anyway?

Don’t worry I give people a good ride with a nice new and clean car, candy and I play any station they want. I ask which direction they want to take and ask general questions to keep conversation going long enough to get them there. I get 1 5 star every 20 -30 people I drive. I rarely get tips from this area. Once in a while if someone is drunk enough they will tip but it’s a rareity to get anything over a buck or two. I feel the tipping app really won’t help much since no one really tipped before either.

I love it !
I’m disabled and can’t walk very well but I can drive so I do this to get out of the house and meet new people ! Tips or not makes no difference to me !

I lost my job in February. Thankfully I have a new enough car to join lyft and uber. This is my only source of income. Ergo, I’m in it for the money. I drove truck for 16 years. Trust me, the joy of driving bug is out of my system. I hate driving. I hate banging my new car on the crappy roads. If and when I find another job I will probably drive on the weekends for more money. I hope that day comes soon.

Uber’s booking and service fees should be a fixed amount !

We should definitely be getting a fair percentage of the fees the riders are paying. Lyft is a bit better about that than uber but people she uber more. I only turn on the uber app when Lyft is slow.

I have a dollar an hour amount that I have calculated makes this worthwhile. If I don’t hit it for a pro long period of time I quit driving. I’m nuts about numbers though. I bought a fully depreciated car that was new enough and nice enough for Uber if I add 30000 miles to the odometer it only drops about $500 in Blue Book value. It had 56,000 miles but it was a 2008. I spend about $10 a night on gas at the current market rate. I figure my break even point for going out is $20. In my market I shoot for nothing less than $20 an hour but lately I’ve been getting $40 to $50 an hour. Even just working three hours after I’m done with my normal job. Basically as soon as I have enough money to cover my mortgage I’m done for the month. I’ve talked to other drivers in my area I do not understand how anyone could afford to do this full-time. They make about $17 an hour when all is said and done. Their per hour gets diluted by the number of hours they have to put in to make ends meet. I just have never seen how this can be anything other than a side gig in this market.

I do it for the money cause I do it full-time and the kind of person I am I always provide good customer service.

I do this to waste my money. It’s fun getting my car destroyed and going broke doing it.

Good for all you perfect people that don’t need money and are not supportive to those who make house payments and feed children. If you only use it for recreation or to get away from your family why put energy into raining on the parade of people who work hard to make a living.

It’s not as good as people make it out to be. Some do well, most do not.

If you’re just doing this for fun and to get away from your family because you don’t like them… please stop and let the people that need the money to live make the money. Ty :+1:

I do this for extra spending money and enjoy getting out the house!! This is my only job so I spend tons of time with my kids and hubby!

I think I understand both points of view here. I started driving as a second job, being the only wage earner in a family of four adults. I’m resigned that in my minor market, having very few surges, I probably won’t turn a profit. But what great mileage deductions…

What fulfills me, though, is the opportunity to serve other people in need. Sometimes it’s an incapacitated driver, sometimes it’s a person whose date was abusive, sometimes a person who just cannot drive. My rider comments reflect how much my kindness, and conversations, are appreciated.

Am I “raining on someone’s parade”, inadvertently? Perhaps it may seem that way to some. But to others, I can help them visualize the sun breaking through their clouds. And this beats the hell out of serving french fries…

Uber enables me buy the nice clothes for my kids and not saying no.

Ditto here. I don’t expect tips and my ratings don’t reflect whether or not they tipped.