How do you guys set up water and snacks?

I drove last night an this guy orders a lyft for his 4 sisters. He peeps in the car and asks "is their water? She’s thirsty do you have an I phone charger? " I was like "no, sorry! "

It will be a good investment but he seemed dissapointed! Like dude I’m just here to drive.

I’ve got a civic so surely no room for a conveinence store… And I’m trying to make money right now so this investment will be later in the game.

I don’t set anything up. I used to keep an iPhone charger on hand, but don’t even do that anymore. Nothing at all.

I give out candy in my cup holder with a mini trash can and I have an insulated bag with water in it… But that’s only for the summer or if they ask.

People like it and are respectful. That one though will still throw the wrappers on the floor.

Back in the old days (3 years ago) I provided water and candies, even cough drops but I don’t anymore. People will either not touch the water or they will open it and take one sip and then put it back as if they never touched it or they will drink it and litter your car with it or they will take all you have is they are getting out. As far as candy and gum you can expect people to either not touch it or to litter your car with rappers or partially sucked candy or chewed gum or grab it all as they are getting out.
Phone chargers are good to have but be aware that iPhone chargers are delicate and snap off easily. People will also sometimes steal them as they are getting out of the car.
But if you pick up at the airport a lot it is probably a good idea to have Chargers for both iPhone and Android as when people get off the plane their phone may be dying and they may appreciate being able to charge it.

Same last night I have a dual charger head and an annoying pax was asking for one and I was like sorry “team android” (que eye roll)

I agree with everything you said but I bought a metallic charger from (I think) Walmart which at least so far, hasn’t broken on me. Could be a good investment.

Don’t give them anything… Then they expect everyone to do it. You see how entitled he was expecting you to have it when he walked up? Lyft/Uber don’t pay for that so no.

This is the attitude that is causing the problem. PAX get pissed because they know you are like this and then they falsely report for being impaired and drivers get deactivated.

There has been a rise of false reports for being “impaired” when the drivers are not really impaired. It happens you get deactivated for at least 2 days no questions asked. The root of why this is on the rise is the pax think we are all dicks, they think that because of the attitudes of people like you.

you are living in an alternative universe, if you are implying that having candy or chargers in the back seat will keep some ass wipe from sending in a fake safety claim in hopes of getting a refund.

.I put plenty of effort into having a nice clean vehicle, I know how to treat people and don’t have any problems with people being pissed that I don’t give out water or candy. No false reports and nobody pissed. For about 1000 rides I’m at like a 4.94 lyft and 4.95 uber. Obviously don’t have to give anything out, just be polite and do the job right.

I’m surprised you don’t have a charger as it’s a must-have if you drive long shifts. I only offer the charger and have individually wrapped mints upon request. No water.

I started providing water, just the past few days. Pax takes the water, but it’s not like they are tipping because of it

And you don’t have to get tips and good ratings either. And you don’t have to not get falsely reported for being impaired and then deactivated. This type of attitude is the problem.

I like this idea but at 3 am on a sat night, I want to be like mama bear coming to pick my passengers up… "Here baby drink some water, here take a strawberry cady and some chips… Now be safe now!! "

I have an both phone charges and it gets plugged into my cigarette lighter so no one can steal it. I never had a passanger ask for a drink, i ONLY offer it if it’s a long ride.

I’m of the mentality that you get out what you put in. No ammenities equals no/low tips. I have a ''14 Camry, water in the doors and extra in my armrest, candy/cookies/mints/gum in the organizer behind my seat, magazines behind the passenger’s front seat. Power converter under the passenger seat for those long rides if someone needs to charge their laptop, all 3 chargers, iphone, android regular and usb c. Oh, and a movie playing on my kindle that I have on the front window, posted high enough where it’s out of my view, but customers can watch easily. I get comments that NO ONE is set up like this, and I explain that it’s the customers TIPS that makes this happen which opens up the flood gates for more tips… hence, you get out what you put in. If I put in 10 bucks a week on those things, but make back 100, it’s kind of worth it…

8 Ounce water Bottles, pack of 24 is only $6…At Walgreens.
Make that little investment.
I guarantee you they will even tip you… and rate you all stars.

So what happens when they don’t tip anymore and start asking for sandwiches and lunch for a tip ? When a customer tips they will do it no matter what you provide.

I set up my butt on the drivers seat and drive that’s it. Stop nurturing a breed of cheap customers that expect it all for pennies. My ratings come from me driving but pampering them with items for the ride.