How do you guys engage your riders so they feel like you’ve kissed their buts enough?

This shouldn’t be a thing. I greet and drop off all my pax with saying something. If the destination is an airport a restaurant etc I ask questions. I also on occasion use the vanilla talking subjects like the weather. If a pax engages me in conversation I always prefer it to a silent ride.
I don’t understand why Uber has this as a preset thing pax can choose to hit me on. My job is driving. I know conversation equates to more tips but if I don’t want to go beyond hello goodbye why does the pax get to decide I didn’t fluff them up enough and rate me for a non driving or cleanliness thing.

You’re probably talking too much. Just greet them, talk IF THEY INITIATE, and wish them well. That’s it. If they don’t talk, I don’t talk

Didn’t even know you could be docked for not talking. When I’m in fl, non of my drivers even speak English to be able to have a conversation

I hate riding in a quiet car. I greet them, then ask how my car temp is. Then after that I ask what music they prefer. After that I just start a conversation with them.

I don’t care. And no chats from me unless they persist.

Be pleasant at the pick-up and at the drop, and :zipper_mouth_face: in between. If your pax wants to talk, act interested and stay positive. Bad smells and a crappy car will draw bad ratings also, but usually it’s convo related.

Try putting 1 star to everyone for a day to see if ratings change.

The pax are f-ing entitled fools some of the time. If they are like that and I get a bad vibe I don’t chat! If they are nice, educated normal folk we chat as led by them.

I can’t wait to get the chosen silent ones out of my car… that’s always the way it is. Nice and Normal or Silent, Moody and Entitled. Silent ones do the bad ratings. Still waters are troubled waters running deep.

Driving for uber requires multi tasking. Since interacting with total strangers requires additional multiple skill sets. Its evident that not everyone will be comfortable with talkies or silent or preoccupied riders. But that’s part of the challenge.
Having a car that reeks of cigarette smoke is something I would, as a rider, find offensive. So there you go.

If you think you are doing the best from your part and still getting some low ratings, then you need to reconsider the locations you normally drive in,
Sometimes driving around colleges where you get a lot of young raiders, they tend to give a low rating.
This is an example. Just giving you a hint

If anyone wants piece of mind, my friend has hovered between a 4.5 and 4.6 rating for two years and has yet to be deactivated.

Just don’t say anything unless they initiate conversation. Even then, I just listen and repeat what they said in a different way. People think I’m a good at conversation, when in actuality I’ve processed nothing they’ve said nor cared, the entire ride.

Conversation leads to more tips. I will not debate this I’m 100% positive from my own experience. I’m interested in what vanilla conversation you guys go with besides the weather and the latest sports game

When I don’t feel like talking I go to options and turn on “Let riders know I’m dead or hard of hearing.” Great way to not have to talk. Gotten a few Great Conversations. :joy::joy:

Happens to us all. It’s all Uber’s fault for allowing PAX to be so judgmental, powerful and nitpicky for as little as a $2 ride and usually rewarding them for it!! :rage::rage::rage:

Here in Evansville the more of a conversationalist you are the better your tips! Guess it just depends on where you are and who you pick up!

Good evenin mg and have a Quick question. Im new so Lets say im chilling at home and recieve a notification to pick someone up do i start ubertrack before i go to them or as soon as i pick them up

and this is why I play music all the time just smiling and playing music they think I’m a mute or something. lolololol

I’m struggling with the same thing, I got a report on Lyft saying “very unfriendly” the other day for not being a social butterfly. Sucks

I meet passengers at their level. Most but not all people want conversation. I ask a question like" how was your flight?"If I get a one word answer then I limit my conversation.