How do you all deal with racist passengers?

How do you all deal with racist passengers? They were drunk, but i just dropped off 4 of the most openly racist people i have ever met. It made me so uncomfortable…:disappointed_relieved:

Just rate them a one so you’re never paired with them again.

ok believe what you want , I been doing this to long …it only works for Lyft .

Too* long…
If you rate a Pax one star on Uber, and file a complaint, they will prevent you from matching with them again

Some people; your in the wrong profession. God bless your wife and kids.

I’ll have to agree with Andre on this one. Unless you request not to be paired with someone again, UBER doesn’t automatically unpair you when you give a 1-star rating.

yeah you’re right some people, I’m already retired from a real profession at the early age of 41. USN

just ignore them unless they threaten you then kick them out

what other choice do you have

No threats were made, sorry if I made it sound like they had. Just to clear it up no threats were made.

it’s okay. I really didn’t want to get into specifics I kind of just want to know what everybody’s take was. See if anybody else had been in a situation like that. They said a lot of other things these were just the most tame ones and the stuff I was willing to put on Facebook…forever.

When you work with the public you have to either suck it up or boot them immediately out of your vehicle

1 star rate and report it to uber go into trip give details this is not ok and against tos Im sorry this happened to you if you do nothing they get away with it And do this to others.

I don’t know if I really want to get into specifics but just…like… they asked me if my parents would approve if i brought home a black guy as my boyfriend. Got up in arms when they realized i was listening to a liberal leaning news podcast. And asked me if I thought we were making America great again or if i supported the Al Qaeda terrorists who are ruining our country. It was 55 min ride :expressionless: there was more but I don’t want to get to more specific.

Well, For starters why are you listening to political stuff with passengers in your car? Thats a big no no

That’s true. But when they first got in the car I wasn’t listening to it, I was listening to something else. That podcast ended during the trip, and the political one started (because it’s on auto play ). I had it turned down because we were all talking, but in a moment of quiet they heard it and it set them off. however I also feel like it’s my car, and if I want to listen to something political I think that should be OK. But I’m not that stupid.

First rule of rideshare, Never engage a pax in political conversation or sports

Surprised that a liberal podcast would piss black people off. I thought they were all democrats and loved the free crap libs promise them lol

I just don’t know if it’s necessarily right for me to negatively write them when they were speaking their views. Technically they’re allowed to have them and just because they don’t line up with mine doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to have them. So I don’t know if it’s necessarily wrong or right for me to rate them low just because I don’t like what they had to say. that makes sense?

And yet you were comfortable getting on here and branding them racist.