How do you all deal with racist passengers?

There’s a difference between disagreeing with someone and pushing your opinions on another person. If it was that bad, I’d rate accordingly.

I can call them what they all admitted they were. I’m not branding anyone, I have not listed any names. My question is whether not I should ratr them based on their opinions, which currently I have not rated then poorly. This is a form for discussion.

First of all you don’t know I’m a liberal, just going to point that out. Second of all I did not mention all the other stuff they said because I just didn’t want to get too into it. My initial question was how you guys handle racists in the car. Simple question. wanting to know peoples opinions. The only time i brought up specifically what happened was when people asked. If you don’t have anything constructive to bring to this conversation, and instead want to start name calling I would appreciate it if you would stop commenting. You have brought up some good points, and i respect those. But i don’t need the name calling. You weren’t there.

Thats also why I never put political bumper stickers on my car or anything else for that matter. It makes your car look trashy

I play music when pax are in my car. Usually something from XM that I leave on a low volume unless pax request I turn it off then it stays quiet.I never let pax choose the music, “Its my car”

Maybe you haven’t told everything that happened, but I’m not hearing anything “racist” or particularly hateful. Your podcast began the political conversation.

It’s your car. If anyone makes you uncomfortable, pull over to a well lit area and tell them to get out. It’s that easy.

So what did they say that was racist? I’ve read through the whole thread and I can’t find it.

Is their money racist? I think that you guys are forgetting that interacting with the customers is an option.

I’ve been driving for over 2 years and have never had a racist comment or one that offended me. People usually keep their views to themselves.

I’m not sure what you’re going to report last time I checked being racist was not illegal wrong morally yes. But not illegal.

maybe let it go .
People can think what they think.
They can state opinions.
If it’s not a direct personal insult. Let it go. Take the $ . WHY do you need to make a point with your rating due to the fact that you obviously disagree on politics?
Yes the dating comment may have been a leading question to something racist. However it’s not your job to be the thought police.
That is a scary place to go.
That’s going to take this society right back to the beginning of the century.

I’ve had white folks in my car say racist crap, and yes it’s very uncomfortable, even a bit panicky to say the least. I just pray to God, and try to hurry up the ride as quickly as possible, then start praying for them. It’s so sad that these people think and act the way they do… and they think just because I’m white it’s okay to be openly racist. Why would they say that type of stuff in my car? It’s so disrespectful, but like someone has already said when you work with the public you gotta suck it up. You can still pray for them though.

Should’ve ended the ride and told them to get out instead of asking on here use common sense

I’m confused. You look pretty freaking white. What was this perceived racism you endured?

well I dunno how late you were driving, but since you said they were drunk I just wouldnt let it bother you cause they probably wont remember anything

I just had most bizarre white male pax in my car tonight!! This dude was telling me how he hate white people and only like blacks. Then he wanted me admit I was racist also. I was so glad drop him off and be done with the crazy ass.