How do you all afford commercial insurance?

I quit because I’m not paying $8k a year just to stay insured. Omaha, NE.

In Nebraska your private insurance will drop you immediately if you get in an accident while logged onto the app. I didn’t know if there were other options without going commercial.

just ask around different insurance company that will allow you to do rideshare

I should do some more research. Our broker said anywhere she quotes will drop us - it stinks!!

You don’t need Commercial Insurance. Uber will cover you if you’re in an accident with a passenger in the car.

The issue is the “lag” time. From when you get a ping to actually having the passenger in your car. Uber does not cover in that case and some insurance companies will drop you if they find out you are doing rideshare. I think it depends on which state you are in.

Which is exactly why when I got in an accident today and my car had to be towed. Completely un Uber related, I pulled every single sticker off my front window

No they won’t!!! Uber will leave you on your own!!! Google it!!

I just got in an accident Saturday. I was on my way to pick up a rider, Uber responded faster than my insurance and as long as you carry collision, have a passenger or are on a call they will cover with 1000 deductible.

In Texas the rider for rideshare can be as low as $10 a month depending on your insurance company

The same in Massachusetts I was quoted 10k.

Uber may cover me but my personal insurance will drop me immediately.

I’ll try a few other places. I just know my broker said all of the names she tried will not cover rideshare without commercial insurance.

Mercury is a rip off we used to be with them Now we with Geico about half the payment same overage

Have you not attempted to get Rideshare insurance coverage it’s less than full-blown commercial coverage. And only modestly more than standard personal insurance typically in the form of a rider on your existing policy.

I didn’t know it existed - it was probably a year ago I quit because I was told it had to be commercial insurance. Maybe things have changed.

I am in Illinois and I pay 14 dollars extra a month for a pup that covers me in addition to my full coverage insurance

I usta be a contractor for direct tv and had to have it I have all state insurance my insurance guy know I do uber this was the alternative to the 5000 dollars a year commercial

That is personal coverage and not coverage for commercial passengers !! You will be sued!!

Guys remember personal insurance for personal use. Once you are getting paid. It becomes commercial and your insurance to refuse coverage. Uber does not have insurance they have an umbrella for the passenger only you are not cover or your vehicle is cover in case of an accident