How do I tell the Rider I am unable to lift or carry?

I have done the search and googled it and still cannot find the answers…I am a SC Disabled Veteran…cannot lift or carry large items due to injury and disability…if a Rider demands I carry objects how do I say “I cannot” or “No” …I asked Uber and was told “To get the 5 star ratings you will have to lift and carry these things” Short of wearing a piece of clothing (cap or T-shirt) that says my disability (do not want to be “that guy”)

Uh, with your words…?

Unless they pay you a decent CASH tip UPFRONT to cover that, tell them NO. We are not paid enough to provide anything except a ride. :unamused:

Do what what I say you ain’t paying me enough too lift your shit

Jk just be honest if they don’t like it fuck it

I don’t lift nobody stuff unless it’s an old couple that’s not my job they paying for a ride

“Sorry, I’m a disabled veteran and cannot lift heavy objects.”

If they give you shit after saying that, tell them you’re sorry you couldn’t help them, and cancel the trip.

I have a disabled mother who’s in a similar situation as you (3 spine surgeries) and if anyone ever gave her shit about being disabled and being unable to lift heavy things, they’d be hearing from me! They either respect the fact you’re disabled or they don’t get your business. Simple as that. It’s not you being lazy or unwilling to go that extra mile, it’s literally in the word “DISABLED”! Don’t take anyone’s shit (not even Uber) for something out of your control.

Very easily…

“No. I can’t lift or carry anything heavy.”

I know it’s tough for people to be straight forward, but it’s pretty simple.

Vibrate your vocal chords to make the socially agreed upon sounds that get your point across

I’ve had to say this to some passengers. I just said I’m sorry I can’t lift anything too heavy because of my back. No one has given me a problem.

Ive never had to lift anything in 2 years. I mean i dont do airpot runs but just say you have doctors orders not to lift people will understand and if not thats on them

Thank you for your service.

Just sat no. If they are upset with that answer cancel the ride and move on…

I just stay in my car and avoid airport pickups

Just be honest about it. I can honestly say a rider has never asked me to lift or carry anything but I will usually load luggage as a courtesy and to protect my vehicle. Just don’t do it. If they don’t understand, they can kiss it. One low rating for that rare asshole won’t hurt you. Our job is to drive, not carry stuff. Remember, it’s your vehicle and you’re in charge. Don’t let anyone “demand” you to do anything.

Do what I do say sorry but due to injury I can’t lift anything

“Against doctors orders, you bought it, you load it or cancel and request another driver”

Just No! Get someone help you out

I never lifted a single bag. I do airport all the time. I happened to have Cancer surgery 3 months ago but never had to use that v