How do I tell the Rider I am unable to lift or carry?

I typically open the back and stand there and wait for them to do it. I’ve never had anyone ask me to put their bag in. :thinking:
If they want help they have to grab a side too. I’m also a disabled vet with back problems. I do what the flight attendants do. (One told me that they could not put my bag in the overhead compartment for me, that I’d need to check it or help her put it up. At that point I was still using a walker and in physical therapy. :roll_eyes:)
If you can’t lift at all and they seem bitchy about it, cancel the ride. They’ll give you a shit rating if you decide to still give them a ride.

Theres something you can select in your profile. Or just enter in under “Recommendations” in your profile. That way they’ll know as soon as you accept. Never lift or carry anything bc you’ll be liable if you break it

Tell the rider what you told us. No one can discriminate against you or ask you to do something beyond your capabilities. You are the driver, not the heavy lifter. If the rider is also unable to lift and has heavy luggage then let them figure it out, not you.

I open the trunk from inside the car and let them load their own suitcase. I will assist people older than I, though. I’m 68.

I have my disability plaque right on my visor on the passenger side so it’s very visible and obvious. I will help elderly people, outside of that they’re on their own.

Turn on the def setting so they don’t ask you.

Forgive me for being blunt. Some jobs are not for everyone. You won’t get many request to lift stuff, but if you do just show them your disabled. I wish you well.

Sorry, I’m disabled and need your assistance to carry your stuff. It’s that simple :grinning: if you can’t handle the luggage tell rider you will cancel without charge to you

I am disabled as well. When asked to lift, I get my crutches and ask how I can help

You are a driver, not a porter. I generally open rear hatch if I see luggage and make sure it is secure before closing. And assist if required. Its not an obligation.

I got gigged for “Professionalism” is the reason I ask…I guess the winner winner PAX did not like me telling him I could not lift and carry…