Hearing some opinions

I enjoy hearing hearing the opinions of folks who drive with Uber and Lyft. Here is the reality. …in one persons opinion…you will not make a ton of $$ doing this. You can make a 50k annual salary if you work say 5-6 days per week and 8-10 hours per day depending on your market. This 50k is a gross figure as you pay your own gas and maintenance costs. Sure you will write off the miles and perhaps only pay a small amount in taxes at the end of the year. Driving is best as an income supplement only. For me, sitting in a car long term day after day pains my body and is mentally tiring. Not good when it comes to public safety.

Ridiculous. This line of thought wittles the driving pool down to the worst drivers. Just pay them what they’re worth and have better employees. Just because something is a second job that doesn’t mean it’s okay if you make $8 an hour at it. That’s the silliest reasoning

And I agree with you…I think the rates that are charged to riders is too low or the amount per trip drivers receive is too low. Eventually…if not already the case …you will see the worst of the worst on the road…I have a very high rating many positive comments…I will be off the road soon …as it is…I am only driving sporadically now. In many cases, they take more than 25%…especially with the POOLS…i cringe when I have a car full of people and only get say $15 for the pool.

Well they went from taking 20% to taking 25% maybe that 5% would make it worth my while or maybe that 5% would make it worth it when they want me to do a 15-minute pickup. Or maybe if they gave me 75% of the line fares I would take those rides instead of ignoring them. I don’t take them. Sometimes I’ll take the line ride but I always regret it and say to myself I’m never taking one again

In reality they take way more than 25% in most cases. We as drivers get paid time and miles, they can charge the rider whatever they please and they do. But if you don’t like it you can stop doing it. It’s a choice! I have stopped driving, just due to the frustration of this!

everyone leaving the company doesn’t change the fact that it’s a bad business practice. So they’ll only have drivers that are desperate for money how good do you think those drivers will be? Glad it’s an option for you to just go back to your first job. Like I already said even if I have another job that doesn’t make it okay for me to get ripped off at my second job. You go to the second job to make money too

Uber makes way more than 25% they’ve changed their ways. They can charge the pax 50 for a ride that you’ll only see 20 bucks from. More often than not what I receive is less than half of what the pax pays, and, in some instances, they’ll even charge the pax more than what it tells us. I’ve had a pax tell me “I can’t believe I’m paying over 100 dollars for this ride home” and after the trip I checked to see that uber only says she paid 78.

I agree, and it makes me sad because I do believe they are both awesome platforms! It will eventually turn out to be basically a taxicab service with just a different way to order it, it will end up with essentially the same quality of drivers which is a shame because at on time there were so many good ones. I am sure there are many good ones still out there. I just wish they valued contractors and realized the we make their business. There will also always be drivers that do it because no matter what they are getting paid they do not have any other means of income.

That’s the problem to me there will always be drivers that take the job so to me it seems like their business model is to put dangerous drivers on the road. Also an okr good driver can become a bad driver if he’s driving 14 hours to make money

the problem won’t be solved until there are numerous accidents or incidences…and then the resolution might be to pull ride share out of certain or all markets …this could be avoided if ride-share companies pay drivers better and monitor the rides who are on the road.
problem is…many drivers unrealisticly think they are worth $60hr for using a skill billions of the people possess. Dont even get me started on the holier than thou attitudes that come along with that ridiculous mindset.

Do you think you are entitled to all the fees to the city and airports Uber pays for? How about the fees they charge customers that help them keep the app updated and running? How about all those engineers that made it possible for you to sit in your house or car and wait for a trip?

I’m not sure about your makrket but in Pierce County Uber pays a million dollars a year for licesnsing so the driver’s don’t have to worry about it. Here we need a Vehicle inspection and a city business license… Uber pays for everything else required by the municipalities…

It’s not cheap running a 60 billion dollar company…

agreed. Individual choice. I am sharing here so that anyone reading the original comment and the drift of the conversation can see that there are drivers out here crushing it and living more time free than a job can provide. If you are here to sell jobs over freedom, I will add my truth. Your experience is not my experience. Not debating or saying your truth is not true, I am sharing my version which is equally valuable to people reading and not responding or commenting here. You can take your job and shove it, I don’t need it anymore. :musical_note::notes: when the money changes dramatically there will be another task or gig that supplies my time freedom. As is, I have the time to create the language and culture programs I want to make and attend as my passion. Want to go to Guatemala in March and build a school for kids with no school from plastic bottles made in to building blocks? With time freedom that is what I do with my time. Want to bring mom, grandma, uncle, high school friend and fiancee on a trip to Mexico and do so on money made from working 100% Postmates deliveries before I joined Lyft? I know how to do that. What do you want more of? I can see a way to have it today I instead of waiting for the money.
It is very worth it. It is worth every minute I don’t answer to someone else. I was up at 330am on Christmas and couldn’t sleep. I rolled over and my fiancee sure needed more sleep so I went and created $100+ and had a fresh $20 bill cash tip coming home at about 8. I’m not worried about the hour average. That is a wage thinker’s game. The way I see it, I made 21 hours of freedom and I didn’t waste time laying in bed looking at the ceiling. I love everyone here and want success for all. This is a hustle. If you are not willing to do that then trading your time for a boss’s money might be your best option. And that is okay. Here to share with people that that is not okay for me and this is how I create a life that doesn’t require that.

Obviously the business model was working when they only took 20%.
The fees that you were referring to are the booking and service fees that are charged outside of the fare.
Rideshare keep it one hundred percent of those to cover their cost
If 4 people get in and out of my car do I think I am entitled to money from each of those people?
Because there is more of a cost to me that isn’t covered by mileage. And we already know the service has that value because lift is taking the money for the service
Driver’s experience cost just like the companies do.
When there is a surge do Uber and Lyft multiply their service fees by The Surge even though it doesn’t cost them more to operate on their end. Yes they do.
Does my cancellation fee get X surge even though it does cost me more on my end? No it doesn’t.
When a line passenger cancels on me do I get the $5 that Lyft charges no I don’t lift keeps it, and still lies to the passenger and says the cancellation fee goes to us
Nor does it matter if you were in Lyft want to be a good company they’re going to have to figure it out

you are not due that money and have never been due that money. Hope you make it. :bouquet: start a ride share company and make whatever decisions you like. Changing that one would be a catastrophic failure. Maybe sell candy in your ride as well. Candy for cash. Add one of those free item things where people add an app and get a free snack, you get paid by the company for giving away free things. Connect people to their passion for a referral. There a lot of ways to make money with Lyft. Not all of them come through the app. Your life. Your office. Don’t blame Lyft if you don’t hustle. It is not their responsibility to provide for you. That’s on you. And I love you. Want what you want for you. Gonna be real though. Stop complaining about not getting money that was never promised to you. It’s ugly. Go Lyft some people!

I know this isn’t related to this topic. But I saw you comment on something earlier today and my wife and I think your pic looks like Santa from “a Christmas horror story” it’s on Netflix and it’s not a hateful comment so please don’t take it that way. I actually thought Santa was a bad ass in that movie

Build an app and develop a team to.provide a service and you can keep it all when you perform the task yourself. Your argument is faulty and we are trying to help you. No, you have no right to money. Money is energy. It no longer represents real value. It is exchanged when value is shared. The way you are asking for it to be the way you want, how you want and when you want is why you are complaining about not receiving enough. You can shift and money comes easier. It’s up to you. :gift::bouquet:

instead of being vague why don’t you tell me which part of my argument specifically is faulty? It is or it isn’t more work to drive three people around than one person?
Lyft does or does not tell the rider that the cancellation fee goes to the driver but on line not actually give them the cancellation fee.
Lift those are does not charge the rider service fees to cover their operating cost?
Are any of these incorrect?

I am only saying the opposite of what you say because I experience the opposite of what you say. I am not saying you are wrong, I am saying that what you are asking for is in my opinion silly and time-wasting. Markets and industries evolve. You are in a rapidly moving industry that is changing quickly. I am saying that perfecting the hustle is the way to get what you are asking for, whish seems to be about 5% more earnings. This is opinion. Doesn’t mean I am right and you are wrong. I am expressing what I experience and am not judging you. I am supporting your post with the best info I have to share. No need to review. Hahaha. You can if you need. I am right here supporting you and the Lyft team as a whole. :bouquet:

Maybe in a fluke amazing day they earned $1200… but I find it highly unlikely there are people earning minimumly $86 an hour based on the max 14 hour day constantly and consistently …

I do better at driving than my real job but I’m not making anywhere close to $120/hour in the 10 hours I’m on the road.

I enjoy complete time freedom. No other position allows me this privilege. I don’t count my time and hours it takes to make money.
I make the money I need and the other time I have is completely mine, no boss, no need to go somewhere and trade hours for money doing something I don’t want to do for a job. I like people and I like driving. Perfect position for someone like me. Meet me at the pier tomorrow morning. We are going crabbing. Friday and the weekend I’ll drive when I want, get paid to move 100 miles where I want to see friends and then get paid to drive that same stretch home.
I appreciate the sharing and the opinions and wanted to share the opposite view which is freedom. I can’t think like a wage employee anymore. I don’t make money here…I make time. And that is the best of the best and I’ll be out here.
Good luck and have fun building someone else’s dream for cash. Here I build my dream with the time freedom I create. Learn the hustle and none of the above issues you are having are problems.
I drive “full-time” which for me comes out to 15-45 hours a week. Sometimes the money I need comes faster than other times. :bouquet: Happy Holidays y’all!