Have you experienced any issues with any navigation apps?

Any fellow Atlanta uber/lyft drivers have METRO PCS as their carrier? If so what plan do you have and how do you like it? I’m considering switching from ATT. Does the $30 plan allow you to use the uber and or lyft app effectively.

I have metro and I have the basic $30 plan. It works fine for me, but I am thinking about switching to the unlimited data plan so that I can play music on Pandora while driving… Lol

I have Metro PCS to and I have the unlimited data it works just as good as any other phone line that I’ve had and I’ve had everybody from Verizon T-Mobile which it actually runs off of T-Mobile’s Towers

That’s hogwash. There is no reception issues with Metro that doesn’t exist in other carriers. It’s all about location, not phone carrier so to speak. MetroPCS is Tmobile and have been for awhile now.

Next time you go into the office. Ask them if reception matters. It also factors in to whether you get a rematch at the airport.

Hey to each his own I’m not one to argue about the stats of the company I can only speak from my experience and to me it works

They don’t have unlimited date either. They will charge u like $15 for a small amount of GB used over…GET OUT!

ATT service is okay. It’s the flunctuating bills that get me. I haven’t been with them since they got rid of the AllStar plan but I’m sure they still up to no good. :joy:

I drive full time on XL/Select your reception can make a difference on whether you get a request, and how your days pans out. We did an experiment with the same phone and different carriers. Verizon always got the request first.

Dead af :skull::skull: lol Verizon cool but it ain’t that cool. I’m just saying if you’re a select or XL driver, having the right signal can be the difference of getting a Select/XL ping versus ending up with a pool request lol

Umm idk… maybe sit next to other drivers and request a ride to see who gets it first? And then repeat. Does that make sense?

No. Because you could be sitting right next to someone and the person down the street could still get the ping. It’s all random I thought. :joy:

Not at all, only time I had an issue doing that is when I had boo boo ass Sprint. If you don’t think signal matters, turn your LTE off for the day and run Uber/Lyft off of 4g/3G service and tell me how many rides you get throughout the day lol

I’m pretty much always on the basic 4g because I only get 1g of lte :joy::joy::joy: I get requests all day long. I do need to upgrade tho :cry:

But you don’t know what you’re missing out on in the first place, because you never see it unless you’re testing it out with another person. But like I said before, doesn’t really make a difference for us X drivers. Makes a lot more sense when you’re on XL and Select because those type of requests come in a lot less often than X and pool request come in.

I had Metropcs in FL. After the hurricane, it was the only phone service on the street that worked for days!

Okay here is a simple one. In the RAA, AT&T and Metropcs have the worst reception. Lyft will send you a message to move to an area with better reception.

Metro Pcs couldn’t have been the only provider because they run off T-Mobile towers :sweat: how do you sound? If metro was working, it’s because T-Mobile was up and running lol

:point_up:t4: that happens to me til this day lol that’s why I never do lyft at the airport. Always end up getting kicked off before I can get anywhere close to being the next driver

I’ve never had any problems with Sprint. Y’all are basically saying all services are trash but Verizon. Yeah right lmfao. IDC who’s move first. As long as I make my money .