Hastings Man Threatens Uber Driver with a Knife

36-year-old Stephen Kostner was a passenger in an Uber ride in Hastings, the incident he was involved in happened around the ride's destination 7200 block of Woody Creek Lane at 1am. According to Jeff Bliemeister, Lincoln Police Chief, Kostner was upset with the Uber driver and wrapped the seat belt around the driver's neck and then threatened the man with a knife. The driver managed to escape, and Kostner was arrested for making terroristic threats.

All the more reason to carry a weapon. Uber’s constant issue with drivers protecting themselves is weird. Just look at this story from two angles:
2. Uber driver attacked by guy with knife and escapes harm, needs some counselling to recover, might still work for Uber.
2. Uber driver nearly dies in knife attack, needs psychological counselling and stops driving for Uber.
3. Uber driver shoots knife attacker, gets disconnected from Uber.
4. Uber driver dies in knife attack.

I pick number 3 every time. Its a shame that Uber is adamant about weapons, sorts of defeats the concept of giving equal opportunity.

its about time that Uber lets us keep a weapon for security. Dash cams can help up to the point where actions need to take over.