Has anyone found better rates than what Geico offered me today, and, if so, can you enlighten me as to what companies they are?

I’ve stopped driving for the last few days because I learned from a couple of friends that they were immediately dropped by their insurance companies once they learned they were driving rideshare. I called my own insurance company today, Geico, and was informed that my coverage would increase from $65.00 to $168.00 monthly with their rideshare coverage. Tripling my current insurance amount seems pretty excessive to me. I’m a little confused as to why insurance companies are panicking over this if Uber or Lyft are covering drivers with their own insurance while they’re ridesharing and I’m wondering if all this brouhaha is a little bit of a scam to make more money. My standard insurance coverage covers me and anyone I’m driving in case of an accident… why should the fact that I’m driving for Uber/Lyft make any difference in that? If Uber/Lyft is covering me also, why are insurance companies canceling policies for rideshare drivers? Thanks… :slight_smile:

If you have access to USAA insurance, they added Rideshare Gap insurance for me for an additional $6 per month.

Your insurance won’t cover you if you have a passenger. You need ride share policy to protect yourself. Mine is $8/month extra for Allstate

rideshare insurance added to your current policy, basically covers the Lyft/uber excessive deductable, i.e. your covered except you have a $1,000 deductable from Uber and $1,500 from Lyft, If your involved in an incident while in “rideshare” capacity your insurance will have nothing to do with it,

Try State Farm - get a quote for the insurance you now have and then add the ride share endorsement, which cost me $60 for the year.

I have State Farm. They told me they don’t have rideshare when I called. That may be just here in NC I guess.

the website. I’m in TN, but the first time I called, they told me the same thing. In the press releases online, I had just seen an article from 6 months prior saying they were offering it in TN. I believe they have rolled it out nationwide now, but a lot of the people who answer the phones at the agent’s office are uninformed.

Just remember with State Farm you’re not covered for liability while your in periods 2 and 3. You will only be covered by Uber and Lyft’s insurance provider.

In Texas, a local driver was told by GEICO that she had to have COMMERCIAL insurance at the time of about $2000 per year. Call a local independent insurance agent and they will be more than willing to help you.

A local insurance agent is only going to offer you what the insurance company offers. What do you think an insurance AGENT is??!? :joy::joy::joy:

I’m not being rude. You made it sound like an agent can offer you something the company isn’t.

No, but she’s right. The agent is usually more informed than the person answering your call in a call center when you just call Geico. They don’t care if they help you or not- they just want you off the phone. The agent cares because they make commission if you buy the

RideShare insurance is usually offered in every state now. I have it with progressive and only pay $15 monthly for it. Check with your state do a Google search. State Farm, Progressive, I think there a few more. Check around.

I have St. Farm. It costs me an additional$15.00 a month for rideshare coverage. Phyllis Nichols is my person.

Ohio insurance companies that have rideshare are Erie Geico and State Farm. But my agent said one of them is getting out of the rideshare biz. The reason it is more is because you are in the road more which means you are more of a liability plus you have passengers you don’t personally know in your car so in this litigious society they are likely to try and claim serious injuries. I had progressive at 61 a month but they said I would have to go commercial to do rideshare so I switch to Erie the cheapest but it went to 108 a month.

It’s really not a scam more time on the road equals more liability on the insurance company and Uber/Lyft policy only covers you when passenger is in the car not while waiting for a ping or headed to the passenger

I pay only $21 a month more for a rideshare rider through Farmers. My overall insurance for 2 vehicles is only $91 a month.

Right i get that so if im on my way to get someone and get hit, i just cancel the ride and turn it in to my insurance, i was driving somewhere and got in a accident.

What law says that ? Uber says you have to have full coverage insurance. I do have it. Its not fraud, why does the insurance company have to know where your going ?

Every company is different. As an insurance broker myself i have seen costs of ride sharing coverage vary. One thing I’ll tell u…dont get a commercial policy. There r companies out there that force u 2 get a commercial policy…absolutely no need to do that