Has anyone ever been sexually harassed by a rider?

Has anyone ever been sexually harassed by a rider? For the first time it happened to me, it was very uncomfortable…but I’m afraid to report it in fear of retribution from the rider (I don’t want to get into a “investigation” by Uber). Any advice? Just drop it? I just don’t want this happening to anyone else.

How were you sexually harassed? Some people have no filters. Inappropriate and disrespectful definitely. Reporting to Uber should be all you need to do.

To me that’s not too bad (and yes I’ve been in that position). I would rate him a one and report it to Uber. Then I would go on with life.

I was lucky to not get anything near folsom st. It did happen to me last weekend in sj. Kept touching my shoulders and arms

Who are you to determine whats “not too bad”? He is the victim and if he is bothered that much by it then he should take it far enough to make that guy pay for what he did. # metoo isn’t just for women. People assume men should shake that stuff off but truth be told there are plenty of men who dont play that junk

If you were truly sexually harassed then there is absolutely no reason not to report it immediately to the police and Uber.

So you are going to let someone who will do it to someone else go free with no consequences. They always get worse as they get away with it.

I one starred the guy, so i mean… i wont be paired again, but i unfortunately live in a small town… retaliation on his part would be wsy to easy away from uber…

Idk i hear stories all the time of things happening. It depends on who is who in the long run

When it happened to me he offered a tip cash… I was so shocked/insulted/offended i didn’t accepy it.

I’ve been driving since 2014 and No you don’t become a door mat! Seriously you are gonna lay down and be a victim because they could deactivate you! No sir! No one! And I mean No one should ever disrespect you im your own car and and get away with it! I’m a woman and I have a lot of respect for me! I have daughter’s and what would I be if I laid victim for a piece of crap that did that to me in my car? I’d be telling them it okay to be harassed? Hell Nah! You best be reporting him get a dash cam and follow up on investigation on their ass! They are your customers in YOUR car! Your shouldn’t be the victim! You best believe you have rights and hire an attorney which they do free consultation. Come on now! You shouldn’t even be here asking for help and as strong as you felt driving strangers in your car. You need to hold the fork and take care of the situation that won’t affect another driver! What they all are advising you is rate them 0 and you won’t get them but your giving another driver the same experience so they have to deal with. Seriously? If your kid also drove Uber would you risk your own child? No! Do what’s right and report to police, attorney, and Uber! We have rights! Own up to helping your fellow drivers!

Report it. That’s never ok. Who knows who else they’ve done it to and who else they will.

He/she won’t know you’ve reported them. And at the very least, you won’t be paired with them again.

Yes. I kicked him the fuck out. Honestly he knew he had gone to far and didn’t even argue when I said “this ride is over lou” I one starred him and just spelled out what happened. Didn’t take it any further than that though.

Yep. I got through the ride gave him bad rating and called to report him again

As soon as you do the report someone from uber will call you so you can explain to them what happened, an deactivate the pax account for investigation. I know cause i did a report about 3 weeks ago.

Had a chick cram her hand down my pants on a pool ride. Told her to stop touching me and she did. Dropped her off and that was that. I didnt worry about it much.

See, this is what I don’t like… People are telling you it’s “not that bad,” because he didn’t touch you. But, it is. I know the fear of a drunk man making unsolicited sexual advances all too well. I had a man stand inches from my face telling me everything he was going to do to me. Thank God my Mom walked in on it, because even though it was just words I was terrified. It’s not okay!!! We have to stop acting like this behavior is acceptable, just because they didn’t touch you. Sexual harassment is sexual harassment no matter which way you spin it. It may have been just words this time, but the next person may not be so lucky. He may decide to act on it. I would give him one star, and report him. He could be a danger to other drivers in the future.

Yep I have been hit on and a couple of guys got in vehicle yesterday, not realizing I’m female and said whats up Bro. I was a little stunned. Maybe they had a few too many cocktails.

Dude, I’m not here to report anyone. Im here as a fellow driver trying to protect each other as we should be. I no longer drive because I got tired of Uber screwing with our pay. I actually prefer LYFT. anyway no one should disrespect you or do what Colten did and allow sexual intercourse in your vehicles. This is your company. You are your own boss and no one should come into your car and harass you nor anything illegal. You need to speak up as you are your own boss. Take matters into your own. Because if it was your college kid dealing with crap like this would you like hearing this from your own kids? No! We are here to survive and make a living. Respect yourself as you would want your kids, mom, Siblings want to be respected.

Camera , camera :movie_camera: camera , I have a camera , so when any rider starts talking shit or behaving badly I simply say ( hey you’re on camera and they stop faster than a speed of light !!!