Has anyone ever been sexually harassed by a rider?

Dude, just report what happen and that you felt it was not appopriate.
It may be important to leave that for future situations… if it backfires on the next driver.

I had similar situation, but pax was sober and it was like 1h afternoon.
Was a 4-5 minutes ride, but pax was asking many personal questions and being invasive.
2 times he looked at me, from up to bottom… as like checking me phisically… when i took a bit to reply.

I tried to ignore some conversation. Finished ride and rated 1 star. Reported him about behaviour that i didnt felt confortable.

Mentioned i am homophobic, which is true. But didnt feel behaviour was appopriate.

Why do some men believe that they can’t be sexually assaulted? Or sexually harassed by a woman? And then you make fun of the men trying to report it. Fucking bullshit.

I am not making fun of him at all, I will not go into details on my situation but shortly after my incidente, you know what i did?? I reported it, I didn’t wait, I didn’t ask it was serious shit and I reported it. My point is that until people take this shit serious it will always be a joke.

One time a drunk pax was flirting with me in front of his drunk gf and even touched my thigh before getting out the car…needless to say I only do uber eats now…

5000 trips I’ve had probably 10 guys think they can touch me. I reported them as I left them on the side of the road. I’m positive nothing happened to them

I have a big sign that says everything is being recorded (audio and visual) and uploaded to the cloud for your safety and mine. That along with my big bottle of pepper spray and stunt gun in clear view seem to keep everyone pretty well behaved. Lol