Has anyone else had unusual requests?

Had an unusual request the other day, I had a ping to go to a restaurant in Downey, Ca when I got there the owner called and wanted me to take a key from a lock box and take it to his restaurant in Newport Beach, Ca. I told him no I only transport people not things or objects he was persistent at first but then gave up and I went on my way, has anyone else had unusual requests like that.

Yea. Especially a rider who don’t talk back, slam doors, puke, etc.

I’ve had a few requests like that lol

5 stars!! :joy::joy:

You turned down easy money. Probably a 5 star
Rating and a good tip.

Yeah, I picked up a phone that a daughter left at her mom’s house. No biggie and they were both very grateful. It ended with a $10 tip.

I’m, they were not asking to store anything. They we asking the driver to deliver a key.

I had a usual run i did for a company …i took lime samples to a lab to be tested easy money , several runs a day…uber blocked me something about to prevent frauds … But i would be suspicious to carry anything i was not sure what it is.

See, this is where the line get fuzzy. There are some people who get into our car who you know is carrying illegal shit.

I had a call once where as soon as I got the ping, they called and asked if I could pick up a card game from the location pinged from and take it to the person’s location because everyone was intoxicated and wanted to play the game. Of course, it was cards against humanity and they gave me a nice tip.

I have done this before. Received a request to deliver spare key from point to point since they locked the in the car

I definitely would have done it. No pax = no frustration. Easy money.

I had someone request a Lyft to send some dress clothes to someone 45 minutes away. Took the ride. Easy money…

i did it with ubereats food and a video camera that is needed asap without pax n did it, got paid n safe. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would have taken the key…keys don’t have attitudes, puke are talk…easy money

Where in the world can you find this level of stupidity? Such an entertaining bunch.

I love uber!!! Uber!!! I can have my stuff transported with uber!!!

Smh that’s easy money why wouldn’t you take it? I had one like that … right in manhattan picked up keys and dropped them off half hour away cuz they forgot em at home. easy money

I picked up a laptop charger at a guy’s buddy’s house, and drove it to his house for him, on Select. I guess he just wanted his charger to ride in a nicer car. It was easy money.

I had a guy want me to bring him taco bell and he would pay me I said no because he lived in the boonies like out on back woods plus I’m not paying for your taco bell in hopes you pay me when I get there. He did not have the taco bell app either to pay for it so I said screw it no

I returned some table parts for an event planner… guy calls me halfway to drop off cause he forgot parts. Changed pickup location on my way back and was standing in traffic when I got there. Got everything loaded in my trunk finally and headed to drop off, waited 10 minutes for someone to come out with cart to unload the crap… just be careful what the item is😉

I’ve done that several times, keys, phones etc. It all pays the same what do you care?