Has anyone else gotten non monetary tips before?

So, someone tipped me a 6 pack tonight because he didn’t have cash and I don’t have square yet.

Four Tickets for the Circus with VIP event passes. Tickets to F1 and a lot of Alcohol. I don’t drink much so I give to my drunk of a neighbor

Oh and Drake gave me a Gift bag from the Foo Fighters after party the first week of ACL last year. That was cool

Returned a cell phone forgotten in my car, gave me a 20 thank you gift card to Starbucks

Food at a drive-through about five times, 3 bottles of suntan lotion, lol bottle of wine from a distributor, Beers Money$$$

Ya, had a pax that owned a restaurant in town. Gave me his card and said come in for a free meal and drinks (nice restaurant so $60+ worth) i thought it was fake but i should up at the restaurant like a week later and everything worked out

A pax told me yesterday that a prominent chef in our town that owns several local restaurants, drives uber and gives out his card and free drinks or meals to some of his pax.

A bud light and $15, different ride a coffeehouse gift card. An offer of a bump of cocaine, which I turned down.

Yes and some quite weird. Beef jerky because according to her “all men love beef jerky”. Beer of course. Half bottle of bourbon. Cookies. Pizza. Concert posters. A trophy I didn’t win. Flowers- that was very sad. A leather wine bottle carrier, lots convention swag stuff, a few costume things,

Got an expensive cigar from the owner of a fancy cigar shop.

in the year plus i been doing this job, i been tipped in tacos, burritos, burgers, sodas, beers and chocolate. i’ve been offered (but refused) cocaine, mushrooms, weed and sexual favors.

Once they had an extra ticket to fallout boy so I went to the concert.

oh did i mention donuts and pizza? also great tip substitute items. :wink:

A bottle of Kraken rum…yum…Starbucks gift cards…chilis giftcards…movie passes…drink chips ( soooo many…)

I’ve had an offer of anything I wanted at Royal Farms, I had drinks offered to me, and food from McD.

Fast food, tickets to Alvin and Ailey (drove the performers), and a $5.00 casino chip

I’ve gotten food, coffee (he was a supplier and gave me some coffee imported from Africa), tickets to a baseball game and several small things, so yes I have received things other than monetary tips. I’m down with whatever they want to share.

Yeah a trip to LaBare… paid for my water, and gave me a stack of ones for the dancers, and introduced me to her boyfriend (who is one of the dancers) and her friends…

I was about to ask where labare was and caught on after stack of ones.

LaBare is a women’s strip club though… so all the dancers are male… hell women’s cover charge is $40 LESS than the men’s and men can’t even go in there without a female