Has anyone else gotten non monetary tips before?


(Harris Frank) #1

So, someone tipped me a 6 pack tonight because he didn’t have cash and I don’t have square yet.

(Eric Moore) #2

Four Tickets for the Circus with VIP event passes. Tickets to F1 and a lot of Alcohol. I don’t drink much so I give to my drunk of a neighbor

(Jill Aron) #3

Oh and Drake gave me a Gift bag from the Foo Fighters after party the first week of ACL last year. That was cool

(Jose Hernandez) #4

Returned a cell phone forgotten in my car, gave me a 20 thank you gift card to Starbucks

(Anderson Lee) #5

Food at a drive-through about five times, 3 bottles of suntan lotion, lol bottle of wine from a distributor, Beers Money$$$

(Kenneth Miller) #6

Ya, had a pax that owned a restaurant in town. Gave me his card and said come in for a free meal and drinks (nice restaurant so $60+ worth) i thought it was fake but i should up at the restaurant like a week later and everything worked out

(Paul Garcia) #7

A pax told me yesterday that a prominent chef in our town that owns several local restaurants, drives uber and gives out his card and free drinks or meals to some of his pax.

(David Smith) #8

A bud light and $15, different ride a coffeehouse gift card. An offer of a bump of cocaine, which I turned down.

(Audrina Jameson) #9

Yes and some quite weird. Beef jerky because according to her “all men love beef jerky”. Beer of course. Half bottle of bourbon. Cookies. Pizza. Concert posters. A trophy I didn’t win. Flowers- that was very sad. A leather wine bottle carrier, lots convention swag stuff, a few costume things,

(Peter Dave) #10

Got an expensive cigar from the owner of a fancy cigar shop.

(Mitchel) #11

in the year plus i been doing this job, i been tipped in tacos, burritos, burgers, sodas, beers and chocolate. i’ve been offered (but refused) cocaine, mushrooms, weed and sexual favors.

(Haris_McMan) #12

Once they had an extra ticket to fallout boy so I went to the concert.

(Amanda Halen) #13

oh did i mention donuts and pizza? also great tip substitute items. :wink:

(Maurice Nixon) #14

A bottle of Kraken rum…yum…Starbucks gift cards…chilis giftcards…movie passes…drink chips ( soooo many…)

(Andrew Martin) #15

I’ve had an offer of anything I wanted at Royal Farms, I had drinks offered to me, and food from McD.

(Kimberly Nelson) #16

Fast food, tickets to Alvin and Ailey (drove the performers), and a $5.00 casino chip

(Sharon Green) #17

I’ve gotten food, coffee (he was a supplier and gave me some coffee imported from Africa), tickets to a baseball game and several small things, so yes I have received things other than monetary tips. I’m down with whatever they want to share.

(Sue Cooper) #18

Yeah a trip to LaBare… paid for my water, and gave me a stack of ones for the dancers, and introduced me to her boyfriend (who is one of the dancers) and her friends…

(Donna Harris) #19

I was about to ask where labare was and caught on after stack of ones.

(Michaela Biksacky) #20

LaBare is a women’s strip club though… so all the dancers are male… hell women’s cover charge is $40 LESS than the men’s and men can’t even go in there without a female