Has anyone else gotten non monetary tips before?


(Sheena Washington) #21

Yep i got a couple mini bottles of alcohol one time when I was dropping a woman at the airport! best type of tip, besides cash

(Brendan Halai) #22

her words exactly " sorry I don’t have cash, so here the tips" (flashed)

(William Murphy) #23

Fast food couple of times and a pack of cigarettes for stopping so pax can get cigarettes

(Graham Sandy) #24

He had to buy a different shirt to wear to the strip club ( no white tees). I took him to Walmart and waited. He bought me a shirt too and I still got a tip.

(Mathew Boolean) #25

So I randomly keep scratch offs in my wallet. I give them out as tips…winning tickets of course

(Trish Richardson) #26

Yeah i met a president of a health food company. He gave me free coupons of his product in stores, a guy worked for a company that made luggage attachments; like a d ring that attaches bags to luggage and 2 free coupons for Starbucks. When i took one to Starbucks i asked how to acquire and barrista said you get them when you complain that something wasn’t right with coffee or service. I could sooooo see that pax complaining. She complained the whole time to her coworker about another coworker’s work. I’ll assume she was a boss from hayle lol.

(Lance Rodriguez) #27

I guy wanted to go thru the drive thru on his way home and tipped me with a #1 combo at MCD. (big mac combo) wouldn’t take no for an answer