Hard to find riders address at night

My problem is with riders when they ping me at night why can’t they have a porch light on or something bright so I can see their address.

Good luck with that. Most of my driving is at night and people have no common sense when it comes to a little courtesy like turning on a light.

That’s when you park somewhere on their street with your lights off and watch them struggle to find you. It goes both ways lol

I just drive to the pin on the screen and park, I’ll then put my hazards on so they know its me and text the pax…they can come to me at that point

I drive to pin and as the accuracy of the pax gets more pinpoint I’ll then start to drive towards the little bubble man most of the time, IE: apartment complexes and such.

I do this because often times the Pax doesn’t have a good way to indicate in the app on where they are at, or when they do, it fails to update properly. Soooo, I just drive to the little bubble man, and if they are elsewhere I figure that out when they say they are outside and I don’t see them

I just go to the pinned location. It’s up to them to find me & they should make it quick, they are being timed!

I went to go pick up a XL trip, on a dead end road, no street lights, nothing, the pax where standing in the middle of the road, in the dark.

I hate that not everyone is outside waiting!! Fuck your 5 minute wait time, be outside, ready and waiting!!!

Or indicate the unit number or at least the building when they live in f***ing apartment complex

Super bright LED flashlight from Amazon. Less than $20. Works awesome at event pickups. It has a super fast flashing mode. Call my pax and tell them to look for it. Works like a charm.

I drive in Detroit. If you think I’m driving around shining lights in people’s windows you got me fucked up.

Not windows. Here we have mailboxes at the curb and a lot of numbers are small or dark on a dark background. The light helps with seeing them. Also, I use it at arena type pickups to make me stand out in the crowd. A strobing white light is very easy for pax to pick out.

These are AWESOME. I agree, I feel weird shining a light across someone’s house, and I’ve only done it a couple of times. Sometimes I shine it on a mailbox or sidewalk. They are small & very bright. I also use them as passengers get out to be sure nothing was left behind.


ha all rhe5 time. or when the put the address of a store on a busy street. like stores post there addresses

Yep can’t see address numbers and have to call them they don’t answer phones . So I you wander do I wait or just cancel

I tell passengers that live in gated complexes to write in their notes app (its comes loaded on their phones) directions with the gate code. I also tell those in regular appt complexes to also write out directions. Then all they have to do is copy & paste it to the driver, under contact driver, in message, on the app.
I’ve had several say … Thanks, I never thought of that. …
it’s a simple thing but could help us all ease some frustration.

Or when it turns into the let’s guess what house your in when it gives you something like 90-100 main street

How bout when It’s a shopping mall and they put the pin smack dab in the middle of the mall like You’re supposed to drive through the front door or something

Hate when that happens. Security didn’t appreciate me driving through the mall.

I drive to the nearest exit, call &/or text where I am if they don’t call/text back, I wait the 5 minutes, till the clock runs out and then I cancel, mark “no show” and move on.