Hard to find restrooms driving late nights


(Chris Stipe) #1

Driving late nights, specially weekends… restrooms available for public are hard to find, often denied by businesses that are open late. There are instances I would have to find a secluded, dark area to do #1. This is worse in downtown Los Angeles, even in daytime they will refuse unless you are a buying customer.
I hope Uber management find a way to solve this problem that could escalate to health issues in the future. I’m sure others are experiencing this too.
Maybe if Uber can make special arrangements to businesses such as gas stations, restaurants, mini markets, drug stores and motels/hotels to be kinder to Uber drivers since we bring potential customers to their business. Port-a-potty with special Uber keys In some areas might be ideal. Anything that can help drivers like me get some relief will be greatly appreciated.

(Marsha_Smith) #2

I drive in Los Angeles and can relate. That’s why I keep an empty Gatorade bottle for emergencies.

(Jeremy Mwan) #3

That will never happen…what do you think truck drivers, taxis or other type jobs do…we are not special or unique.

(Cody Parker) #4

Doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem not should we try to find a solution. And, most truck drivers have room for spot a pots - my dad is one. I grew up in a truck.

(Brahim Decker) #5

Seriously, now a big corporation is needed to assist in going to the bathroom?

(Garrent George) #6

Well we all own our own business, I’m sure we can figure out where to pee without pawning it off on Uber.

(Christian Odom) #7

Your attitude is less than helpful. Many times the only places open in an area do not allow public to use their restrooms. We cannot produce a bathroom out of thin air when one is needed.

I am going to guess you don’t drive a lot late at night

(Lisa Markee) #8

Only an unconcerned man would think this is a solution. Ask your wife to use that in downtown Baltimore or DC, in broad daylight, and let me know how well that works out for you.

(Jack Dolen) #9

Hey at least you men can just easily whip it out. Lol Another downfall to being a woman!
But seriously this complaint is funny.

(Mark Moore) #10

People… it’s a wish.
It’s not fun when the need arises and there’s no place of relief in sight.
There’s no need to feel offended and be negative about it
I just thought I’d bring it up.
Sorry for expressing my concern I didn’t know it will be taken the wrong way

(Kelly Hector) #11

Hotel lobbies ,never been refused.Only questioned once and I told them I just dropped off a guest at the hotel

(Bector Ernest) #12

When I drop or pick up at a hotel I use their bathroom same as Bars. I also use Restaurants like Denny’s or Shari’s . Some subway’s a place called Dicks Drive inn Burger joint I use also. If not I find a cul-de-sac with trees or bushes and go

(Melinda Foster) #13

I have a few 24 hour gas stations on my radar that I know have clean bathrooms. This is what most people would call a personal problem, part of the job that you have to figure out for yourself. You can’t expect others to do the legwork for you when you’re an independent contractor, or even an employee.

(Jonathan Green) #14

If a business does not allow me to use their toilet I just pee in their pot plants…

(Peter Nelson) #15

I do that here and there but if I had to buy something each time I had to pee I would not have any money.

(Harold Young) #16

This has to be a a prank post. Really, you need Uber to supply a place to pee? I hope Uber monitors these groups so they can laugh as much as I did at this craziness.

(Dennis Scott) #17

Hotel Lobbies always have bathrooms. Just walk in like you belong go towards elevators or down a hall in the lobby looking for the bathroom sign. Politely nod and waive at the front desk they won’t ask where you are going if you act like you belong.

(Allicia Lopez) #18

Omg why are people such assholes?? If u dont have a decent answer stfu n move along. Geez. Anyways to the original man that posted, I uber in LA and was pregnant so I understand the frustration of having to find a decent bathroom. Ralphs are open till midnight and have bathrooms. :slight_smile: food for less too and some gas stations. If u find a good one, try to remember where it was n go back. Some cashiers are understanding and will let u use them for free :slight_smile: goodluck

(Jerry Hall) #19

At that point of the evening, never hard to find a 24 hour Denny’s or Ihop and likely to need coffee anyway – take a coffee break and use the facilities.

(Timothy Clark) #20

Hotels always have a clean restroom near the lobby. Just walk in like you are staying there. Use different hotels every few days.