Had to boot a passenger out for suggesting I take the shorter slower route

Instead of the faster longer route (11 miles 20 minutes) she found it “stupid” that Google’s satellite suggested the faster route (which would also pay me more and not effect her billing) rather than the traffic stoplight filled route. She got all hussy so she found herself on the side of the road. #letmedomyjoborgtfo

Had that happen to me before. The ladies argument was that people die on the highway. I 1 started her and contacted Uber asking never to be paired with her again

Your job is to take the route the customer wants you to take and provide decent customer service . Your job isn’t to be a sanctimonious prick.

Fuck no…I sometimes do it on purpose especially if I know the road is closed and then I just wait for them to tell me what to do next.After a minute of silence with them on their phone .I love when we go in the opposite direction just to end up where we started at where I was going .They usually stay quite after that

I agree, let them tell you what route to take. They are The biker paying, not you. Congenital thinking doesn’t apply, if they want to drive around in circles that’s what you should do.

If hired at an hourly rate, then I’d agree to drive around in circles if that’s what they want.

Where does it say that the driver take the pax the route they want since it will save them more time? Please show me.

I am in the business of transporting humans from one place to another. I use modern technology to determine the best route. This is how my business operates and while a customer may have the occasional stick up their ass, it is still my business and I will complete the job I was hired to do. Customer doesn’t get to tell me how to do it, unless I’m feeling particularly cheerful that day.

It’s not a job…its a business…and I’m here to make the most profit while I depreciate my vehicle…its my car therefore its my way or the highway

Pax determines destination. Route is variable, although most drivers yield to the passengers wishes.

It sounds more like you’re saying “Just do what they pax says, they are the paying customer.” I’m not in agreement.

I’m glad you took the time to screenshot. I have some typos. And yeah we are talking about route preferences. Not letting them do coke in your car or smoke, or eat food, or piss in it…haha try again.

If a customer were to take 2 seconds out of thier schedule and see that I have over 13,000 trips in my own city …I DON’T KNOW. But maybe . (JUST MAYBE) I MIGHT KNOW where the fuck I am going .just maybe

When did I deny it? I’m not the one who is drunk, that or you don’t understand what I am saying. Weird

. If the customer wants a specific route then who gives a fuck? Maybe, just maybe, if you hate people so much you shouldn’t be in a customer oriented business.

I don’t hate people.I enjoy the fuck outta life.But if you feel cool because you have a smart phone and think every ride share driver is incompetent .That is bullshit.I don’t use the GPS And even worse when the person is not from this city .Good luck if you depend on you’re GPS anywhere around or on Wacker drive.That is the best. Let’s turn 5min into 1 hr with you’re new iPhone. It’s all very simple .Enjoy the ride and stfu.Its not everyone but some customers Are assholes and deserve to be treated like shit If they want to drive from the backseat and fail

A driver can choose what’s right for the safety of him/ her self and their personal vehicle a drivers are 1099 has right to choose how they get from point a to point b we are not employed to uber to follow directions or ordered as long pax is safe and gets to destination

Who do you think pays the bills here? The pax does. You take ‘em the way they want to go.

It’s my car…my rules…my route…especially if it’s going to wear my brakes and cause me to use more fuel for Lower pay…i have the right of refusal… and it’s a no from me dawg…randy Jackson voice

Time is money. And Uber pays horribly for the minutes we spend in traffic. LA has the worst traffic in the nation. If it were comparable to the miles, I’d sit in traffic all day. Until then…we take the fastest route.