Had to boot a passenger out for suggesting I take the shorter slower route

it’s Uber’s fault. Also, Uber already charges passengers for the longest route. All I’m doing is making their cut smaller.

Exactly, uber not the pax, I agree time is money, but I’d explain it to them, and if they don’t want it, then I’d take the route they want.

Fuck that bitch… I’d have done the same thing. Or I would have just driven the longer faster route anyways. Fuck a bitch and her whining

driving the shorter distance route that will take longer with a whiny bitch in the backseat getting fucked over and shortchanged adding nothing to the riders fare because he wants to suck the passenger’s dick in the name of customer service. If the longer distance route actually takes less time, no one in their right mind should bitch and moan about that being a bad option. We’re out here to make money not coddle to the masses

Damn! What an agro little boy. Calm down or your cheeks will turn red. If the person who is paying you wants a specific route, you should oblige.

Lol call me whatever you want. Irdgaf. If you want to keep bending over for pax you do you I guess. Nonetheless I’ll be out here making more money per trip than you will. And no I don’t have to oblige. I’m the one driving. The car goes where I tell it to. Not where pax tell it to. They ain’t the ones driving. Plain and simple. Go be a fuckboy but I ain’t.

So where do you drop off the pax? Where ever the fuck You WANT to or where they tell you to? Hahahaha. Pendejo

Customer pays the bill, you go the way the want to. If they wanna stop somewhere u stop to. I see why some of you’ll are FT drivers you wouldn’t make it the world with customer service.

Yes, customer pays. However if the situation is saving 20 minutes of my time and customers time going the fastest route which maybe longer in miles but short in time. I will explain that to the rider, they are paying same and getting there faster. If they are that stupid and still disagree, they can find an other ride.

You’re upset at not getting paid enough has nothing to do with them. I agree with your explaining it to them. If they agree at that point then it’s all good. But if they don’t, I don’t kick them out, that’s crazy

it is my time… the passenger is going to pay the same regardless anyways… so, yes I’m to save my time so I can use that extra 20 minutes to go make more money.

Do you enjoy driving for peanuts? Plus I am on Uber Select platform, getting $5.00 base, $2.41 a mile and $0.40 a minute. Get your facts straight before commenting.

Your job is to drive them where they want you to drive them. If they want to take that route, then take it. Your beef is with uber, not with the pax. Sounds like you’re upset that uber keeps more of the pie.

I would have booted you too Adrian. The passenger ordered a ride not the “scenic route.” Time is money and I had a goal to meet. I’m not going to waste time in traffic with a dumb passenger.

I would always suggest them both ride in the beginning of the trip. It works as ice breaker, 99% they trust my preference, but if someone wants otherwise I would follow their instinct . Does not harm once a while going other way . Happy drive

I do the same… Ask them wich way or if they know a faster way there… Faster they leave my car faster i can get another trip

I am amazed at how many people fail to realize time is money. 10 extra minutes means 10 more minutes until your next ride. Time is money fastest route wins

I think you are in the wrong…

Remember this:
Do you have a preffered route?

Follow my gps or your route???

With up front pricing, doesn’t the passenger pay the same whether you take the shorter or longer route?