Guaranteed $300 for First 34 Deliveries on Postmates (Orange County)

This guarantee is for drivers in Orange County.

Postmates is offering a special promotion to become a delivery driver. This is one the best they offer, so now would be a great time to jump in.

34 deliveries in your first month = $300 guaranteed. That’s almost $10 per delivery! You need a referral code to receive this guarantee so make sure to use my code listed at the bottom of this post.

You may even make more than this, as tips are good. There are even days where I have made a little over $25 an hour! I will give you my secrets on how I earn this much if you sign up with my referral code.

Postmates is one of the coolest delivery apps out there.
-Assured $4 per delivery + mileage + tips
-No schedule setting - you can literally turn it on and off on a whim and do 1 or 20 deliveries or more!
-You can do it anywhere in the country as you travel! Other apps don’t allow this.

So get started today. Go to the Postmates website and type in the referral code FL-gsxwa or here is my referral link

BONUS: If you sign up using my link (I will be notified by e-mail) and then contact me through the e-mail feature on this craigslist post I will give you my top ten tips that helped me make $25 an hour.