Gotta love the pax who think since they're paying for the ride that they own the vehicle while they're in it

Guy gets in my car tonite, first ride, and he starts changing the radio station. Ok, I’ll give you that. That he starts bitching about the temp in the car and starts closing vents to keep the cool air off him. Starting to work my nerves. Then he says nope, “Air off”, and then proceeds to turn the damn heat on. Nope, line drawn. “Touch another instrument and I’m ending this ride”. Dafuq are they thinking.

That’s why I make sure to ask if everyone is comfortable, and I adjust accordingly. They’re paying me, I can suffer for ten minutes.

Similar incident. Guy was drunk & passing out. Had his buddy in car with him. He needed to stop at store. Took him 7-8 minutes. I sent his buddy in after him and ended the drive. This was after he randomly blasted the heat, blasted my music, pulled out a scented vapor thingy blowing that everywhere, and asking me to read a text to him while im driving. He got 1 starred and an email sent to Uber.

No, you’re the driver, you shouldn’t give them 100% control of your car. I don’t mind working with them. But to go from AC, which I would have turned down if asked, to straight Heat, on high, gtfoh. And I’m sorry, I don’t care what they pay, I’m not paid to suffer, I’m paid to drive.

The car is your tool of trade. The service is transport. Not temporary ownership of the vehicle.

I never have a problem with my PAX, the second one acts up, i let them know they’re getting the fuck outta my car

Mother fucker wouldn’t have even gotten that far in my car… my car my rules. Riders aren’t allowed to took shit except the door to get in and out and the seat belt

Touch anything else without asking; ride is over immediately

The backseat, seat belt and a ride to their destination. What’s next Geisha ladies palm fanning them too?

It’s a radio station and a temp change for what 15 minutes that they’re paying for. Seems simple enough

They are paying for a safe ride to their destination. They can ask for radio station and temp change, but they are not allowed to touch and change it on their own. Simple enough.

How far are you willing to go to make them feel comfortable?
I remember a pax asking me once to let her drive my car since she is more familiar with the road. I politely declined.
You’re so into making them feel comfortable, Would you let someone else drive your car?
There is a limit to everything.
We are the ones who set the limits not the pax because we are responsible for their safety.
Otherwise one day they are going to ask you to do some crazy thing and when it goes wrong after you allow them, they are going to sue you as your just reward.

There’s no way I let them touch the radio. I don’t go to their house changing shit

All mine have ever done is try and turn the radio up. So they automatically go for the circle dial which changes the temp in the car. Volume control is on the steering wheel and nav screen in my car. When they do that I say you just turn the temp up a 1000° degrees.

Omg I had someone do that to me with my Apple CarPlay. Just started rummaging through my apps. I told him don’t touch my screen thank you. #1Star

There’s making them comfortable and there’s Don’t Fuck with anything unless you ask me and I say it’s okay!!

I had a guy who gets in my front seat, proceeds to call his buddy, talking so loud that I couldn’t even hear my GPS. And I’m in a suburb that I didn’t know well. Guy commands me to turn off the GPS cuz it’s interfering with his conversation and goes to grab my phone. I pull over and tell him I prefer to use the GPS, either to behave, keep his hand off my phone or get out. He shuts up.

If my rider sits up front, I point out the heat and temp knobs and which radio station is which button and put him “in charge” of environmental issues. All in an effort get more tips and better rating s.
But I still don’t get many tips.

The entitled folk here are the ones crying about the pax doing this. Cry babies. 90% of the time they are in the car for less than 15 min. Suck it up

If this was Uber car, I would not care. But this is my car. If they ask, then I probably won’t care. But if they do it without asking, then we have a problem.

Sorry- you don’t get into someone’s car and think you can take control. You ask, nicely, I might add. This is just good manners. Frankly, I’d rather they sit in the back seat. That solves the issue.