Gotta love the pax who think since they're paying for the ride that they own the vehicle while they're in it

They want to change the channel, fine… They want to change the temp, awesome. They are paying me, I dont care.

If you think for one second as a pax, you can touch anything in my car, you got me fucked up. Are you paying the Bill? No, I didn’t think so. Hands off or gtfo

don’t let anyone just start changing My music or touching Anything. They Ask or they’ll soon learn not to. My car, my rules.

Again, the only reason I’m there is to make money. It’s my car but they’re renting it and hiring me. I bring people breakfast, laugh at lame jokes, agree with all political statements, remain silent if I really disagree “oh, I don’t follow politics “ I’m driving Miss Daisy here.