Gotta love the pax who think since they're paying for the ride that they own the vehicle while they're in it


(Lisa Markee) #21

They want to change the channel, fine… They want to change the temp, awesome. They are paying me, I dont care.

(Christian Odom) #22

If you think for one second as a pax, you can touch anything in my car, you got me fucked up. Are you paying the Bill? No, I didn’t think so. Hands off or gtfo

(Brahim Decker) #23

don’t let anyone just start changing My music or touching Anything. They Ask or they’ll soon learn not to. My car, my rules.

(Cody Parker) #24

Again, the only reason I’m there is to make money. It’s my car but they’re renting it and hiring me. I bring people breakfast, laugh at lame jokes, agree with all political statements, remain silent if I really disagree “oh, I don’t follow politics “ I’m driving Miss Daisy here.