Got pulled over by the police


(Bector Ernest) #41

That’s happened to me too. Last month I took a customer home to the suburbs. During the ride we got into a conversation and when we arrived at his house I pulled into the driveway, completed the trip and we continued the conversation. My lights were on and the engine running, it was cold, so we weren’t trying to conceal anything or being suspicious. All of a sudden the squad car spot light comes on and when I look out the other cop is already at my door, with hand on gun. I explained and showed them the Uber and Lyft app and told them we were just sitting there talking, but the passenger and I had to show ID to verify one of us lives at that residence anyway. The cop then tells me they had already run my plates and found I’m clean. No incidents, no arrest warrants or anything else.

(Melinda Foster) #42

That’s actually kinda fucked up. There was a reason. No offense but with people flooding the streets in cities they don’t even live or just moved to, or have little experience driving in, and drive that way, they need to be fucked with. Too many shitty drivers on the road as it is and yes, so often they are either uber/Lyft drivers or drivers from out of state who don’t know what the fuck they are doing.

(Jonathan Green) #43

That’s what I’m saying…stay in your own city and state. Master that then maybe venture out

(Peter Nelson) #44

This is the first I have heard about police being FRIENDLY as opposed to complete dicks. I would not say that is the norm.

In Newark one night I pulled over to let a pax out, cop nearby said, is that an uber, pax goes “def an uber!”, cop aggressively tells me I can’t wait there. I got out of there fast.

Thanks ass cop - one more reason not to bother helping Newark people out w rides, way to help your community.

(Harold Young) #45

Here in Milwaukee where in the same boat as Sam Glazer. The MPD have been utter A**holes. I’ve had three incidents the last two weeks. The most recent, last week, on a 4 lane street I’m in the right lane a cop pulls up next to me in the left lane and tells me I can’t wait there. I explain I’m an Uber driver waiting for my passenger, AND I’ve called the customer and they’ll be right out. They didn’t give a shit. They told me I had to move now, because I was blocking traffic. They were the ones blocking traffic. While they were talking to me, cars were pulling into the opposite lane of traffic to go around them, so who was actually blocking traffic? As they were telling me this, the customers were there and climbing into my car. As they’re getting in, the incident ended with the cop telling me “if we catch you again I’ll write you a ticket”!

I can only reiterate what Sam stated. “Thanks ass cop - one more reason not to bother helping Milwaukee (just like Newark) people out w rides, way to help your community”.

(Dennis Scott) #46

They do like we are out I went through license check and the officer told thank y’all for making our jobs easier go head through don’t need your license

(Allicia Lopez) #47

I was pulled over one night after picking up. They wanted to have a word with the young man who i just picked up.

(Jerry Hall) #48

I sat with an officer around midnight last night and had dinner and laughed about the random stuff that happens as we are driving passengers. Lol. At the end of eating, we wished him a safe evening and he said, you too ladies. We love our law enforcement in San Antonio. We have never had an issue. :heart_eyes::open_hands:

(Timothy Clark) #49

Yeah once they realize your a driver @ 3am makes things a lot easier so ur not tailed for 10 min

(Harris Frank) #50

CHP gave me a cellphone ticket and he saw my uber logo and my freaking mount. He was being an asshole. Had no reason to pull me over.

(Eric Moore) #51

Late one night I was trying to find this address in a neighboring town . It was one of those that the pin was in the middle of a street 1/2 mile away. I knew I was close but it was not a well lighted neighborhood and I couldn’t read the street signs. So I made a Uie, still couldn’t read it, made another Uie to try from a different direction and finally made one more to be faced with a motorcycle cop giving a ticket to a big rig parked by the side of the road. I stopped, put on my interior lights, put down the window and asked him where the hell this street was. He was laughing hard when he told me I had found it. I thanked him and asked if he wanted to follow me the rest of the night, acting as my gps. It was funny and I still found the pax, too. Now, I’m not sure, but I think 3 out of those 3 u-turns were not completely legal. Our cops turn a blind eye to a lot of those little infractions - we do a big service to them and the public.

(Jill Aron) #52

Had a local pull me in winter haven for interior light on at 2am … he ask what I was doing on the road at that time and I say working … he looks at me funny and I point to my trade dress and he says oh…have a good evening drive safe and dim you phone a little:)

(Jose Hernandez) #53

About a week ago, I made a u-turn across a double yellow line to pick up a pax across the street on Broadway/Columbus. Half way through my turn, I see a black & white coming out of a driveway, too late to bail on the move as we made eye contact. I knew I was screwed, but still tried to play stupid. I picked up my pax, while the po-po waited behind me. I continued moving. He followed me through every turn. About a mile in, I gave up and pulled over, since I knew it was just a matter of time, anyway. I was surprised and relieved when he pulled up beside me. We both rolled down our windows, I spoke first. I told him, “I know what I did was wrong, I’m sorry, I was running late for my pick-up, I guarantee you it won’t happen again. If you cite me, I lose my job.” I think he appreciated the honesty. He said, “yes, dangerous move. Don’t do that again and stay safe out there.”

They know that we’re clean. We’ve gone through background checks and driving history and passed. That’s why they don’t mess with us. I appreciate it.

(Lawrence J Wos) #54

It’s nice to know the police are keeping things safe.

(Greg Poprik) #55

Because they can stupid.