Got pulled over by the police


(Andrew Martin) #1

So I just got pulled over by the police.He never came to my car his lights went out and he pulled up next to me and said (sorry didn’t know you were a Uber keep up the great work we try not to mess with you drivers if we don’t have to have a good night) I don’t even know why he pulled me over.

(Kimberly Nelson) #2

On one hand that’s cool, on the other hand it’s disturbing. What if an Uber driver is driving drunk? He just gets a pass?

(Sharon Green) #3

Glad to see that some of these police folks are capable of common sense now and then.

(Sue Cooper) #4

same thing happened to me a few months ago… he just gave me a warning for running a red light on a left turn :smiley: the officer told me not to do it again.

(Donna Harris) #5

Wish that was their mentality here in austin. They go out of their way to screw with us here.

(Michaela Biksacky) #6

I had one stop behind me (I was pulled over) once he saw my Uber decal. His entire body language changed, he then talked about what areas I best avoid.

(Sheena Washington) #7

They know we keep drunks off the road. We save lives.

(Brendan Halai) #8

Oh I agree but California cops are awful. There’s sting operations everywhere and they pull you over if your windows are dark and any stupid reason.

(William Murphy) #9

Same in SD. Someone using fake stickers? Fuck"em up.

(Graham Sandy) #10

Happened to me in Hillsborough (CA) because I stopped in front of a house ( no curb or open driveway ) he pulled me over for being stopped on the road using my phone. Super rude. Made me wait while HE went to get my passenger.

(Mathew Boolean) #11

they are like that by me…they come up to the car and check your documents as quickly as possible and let you go and thank you for helping make their job a little easier

(Trish Richardson) #12

It’s crazy how some jurisdictions see us as helping people get home safely while others see as easy money makers and bang us for every minor violation possible

(Lance Rodriguez) #13

Nashville is like that. We can get away with murder here, because they just released a study confirming that drunk driving has dropped by 75% since Uber and Lyft showed up. Needless to say, most cops here love us

(Melinda Foster) #14

Happened to me in Illinois- I was going down a one way but noone was coming. Cop said the same thing. I admitted to being wrong and used my manners. That always helps too

(Bector Ernest) #15

absolutely if you admit your wrong and apologize they are much easier on you in any situation…with the war on cops these days it makes them feel safer too

(Kelly Hector) #16

the only places where they give us trouble here is by stadiums and I get that…its more of a security issue there with all the crazy bombings and shit that take place they have to follow the rules

(Jack Dolen) #17

Right but thanks to Uber and Lyft drivers events clear out much faster then they use to like here when the bars close at 2am everybody is gone by 215 cleared out nothing like it used to be.

(Lisa Markee) #18

Same here in Baltimore it used to be bars close at 2 but the area would party til 3 or later now most nights at 2 it seems like a ghost town

(Christian Odom) #19

When I open my wallet the first thing you see is my military ID and then they just say slow down and have a good day lol

(Brahim Decker) #20

Military tags work the same. I’ve had Leo climb up my home end, see my license plate, then go away