Got pulled over by the police


(Cody Parker) #21

I was stopped by mall security waiting for a pax this evening…he was asking all kinds of questions and soon as i showed him my sticker…he was sweet as could be and told me where to go and if they werent there f@%* them…lol

(Marsha_Smith) #22

Because he is the damn police, and they think they can do whatever they want. This is disturbing! :rage::rage::rage:

(Chris Stipe) #23

I got pulled over by a cop… He came up to me asked for licence and insurance. Then saw my phone and I had passengers and said let me guess Uber? I said yeah… He said you’re lights are off and started heading back to his cruiser. Never even looked at my licence and insurance. I think most cops like the fact Uber is out there helping to keep drunk idiots off the road.

(Rakesh Sharma) #24

Happens to me sometimes not sure why they pull us over they always let us go.

(Abdul Karim) #25

If you get stopped at night: TURN ON YOUR INTERIOR LIGHTS!!!–It shows your not combative–you’re 9/10 of the way clear.

Do not be rude, address any actual concerns reasonably. A legit reason for “professional courtesy” is that most people drive less than 1000 miles/mo. If you are a professional driver, you WILL be making the roads safer by helping others. You will also be driving in EXCESS of 60000 miles/yr. This means that (even) a minor infraction on your part is an aberration, not the norm.

Remember most officers truly want to make the streets safer–at night if you have a “real reason” to be on the road and have not been drinking or using drugs they really don’t want to cause you difficulty.

Finally, if you do notice your driving ability go down. Find a fast food or a lit parking lot. Eat, rest, if you react accordingly to recognizing low blood sugar levels or fatigue this will be considered and may keep you out of getting a ticket.

(Snyder Reed) #26

That interior light thing is a fantastic idea. I don’t get stopped enough to think about things like that but I did get pulled over Ubering two guys home from the bar one night. Licence and registration and see ya!

(Hassan) #27

Keep up the good work .I went to coffee with cops here in my city .They love uber drivers.

(Laura Lee) #28

I’ve never had one ounce of trouble with California police, whether it be a city PD or CHIP. I have a clean, fully dressed car and a respectful attitude. We may provide a service but they put their lives on the line every time they put on that badge. No contest there, in my mind.

(Abel) #29

I have noticed e lot of cops will drive by looking at me in the middle of the night and when they see the uber sign they just drive on.

(Chris Stipe) #30

I am doing this on the side and I am a retired LEO from the area that I work. Always be respectful when you are pulled over.

(Marsha_Smith) #31

I have gotten the same. They at least know that you have cleared a background check and have everything up to date…I think you get that less thou when in big cities where people run scams more frequently

(Jeremy Mwan) #32

Nice, I do so many illegal things and in front of cops and they never bother me.:grinning:

(Cody Parker) #33

Why you skrewing things up for the rest of us?

(Brahim Decker) #34

It’s not because of my Uber sticker that they don’t bother me, it’s more because of the color of my car which is silver. It’s invisible to cops.:wink:

(Garrent George) #35

I might not, but there are places here now that we can’t use to pick up or drop off because UBER drivers where parking on the red, in front of hydrants, in bus stops, in the middle of the streets. Blocking traffic, doing illegal u turns. Just do your part and keep it cool and legal. Look what happened in Tempe, no more UBER.

(Christian Odom) #36

yeah I do realize that’s why I never had a ticket in my over 26 years driving history. :grinning:

(Lisa Markee) #37

Oh did I offend your little ears? Wow. You think it’s cool to break driving laws and get away with it and you’re complaining about someone who doesn’t censor themselves for your delicate brain. Do me a favor and stay out of Portland. We have enough drivers with absolutely no regard for driving laws and/or aren’t from here.

(Jack Dolen) #38

I’m not angry. But I did roll my eyes more than once…you can’t handle a woman who doesn’t censor her words, maybe you shouldn’t be driving people for hire.

(Mark Moore) #39

You’re really funny. I told you I’m not angry. Again I just find it interesting. I’ve been a professional driver for a very long time and I follow the rules of the road. That’s what’s expected of me and I do a damn good job at it

(Kelly Hector) #40

Lol. Its happened to me 5 times already. Most where being a suspicious in a car in a neighborhood. 3 where with pax inside.