Got my biggest tip from drunk brothers

Meant to post this last night. Had drunk brothers needing a ride, took them for a beer run before final destination. Dude that ordered the ride fumbled through his ones n gave me this. The one dollar bill was covering the $20’s Bwahahahaha thought at first it was just one $20 bill with a few ones n put it away for later. Pulled it out on my downtime n flipped out haha. This is now my biggest tip ever, even by accident :joy: it was just a $6 ride

My biggest drunk tip was 27 cash and 10 in the app for a ride that was 3.50 times two because he canceled mid trip. Pulled over made him request new trip got me again on we went. Got paid two trips in one.

wow, I am going to seem like a jerk for posting this. But, the brothers were drunk and probably didn’t mean to do that. As mentioned, I hesitate to even message this. But, what a good opportunity to pay it forward and go back to the address and say, I know you didn’t mean to give me this. But just my 2 cents. lol.

Honesty all the way. Heck he may say keep it. Or if you don’t take it back he may call and report it.

Lol report What? I was really wasted and I think i might of gave my uber driver a 100 dollar tip. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

I cannot say that my first thought would not be woohoo! I also don’t mean to be the Debbie Downer, but I know that my conscience would not let me keep that money without at least going back and making sure that it was an intentional tip. Thoughts would not stop running through my mind like “what if that is this man’s gas or grocery money for next week?” What would be the harm and just verifying that it was intentional?

I would have done the same thing tried to return it he probably would have gave you an extra 20 or two of them out of the pile

Drunk or not, I would make sure. If nothing else, you get 15 bucks for the return fee, plus possibly more, and free concience.

How dare you even think about keeping that money!!! I’ll pm you my address and you can send the money to me. This way you won’t get so much grief from people. I’ll make great use of the money. Haters gonna hate…

ou beat me! $100 was my best tip ever. Got a $100 three times. All from people I least expected it from.

That’s so wrong of you. Do the right thing and return their money. They were nice enough to press that uber button to hire you for their ride and you took advantage of a person not in their right state of mind.

I get a lil free w my $$$ when I’m drunk. I would never EVER expect it back. SMDH. Learn how to adult for the sake of all that is right w the world!

No they count on you to take them from point a to point b trusting you. And you took advantage of someone no matter their state of mind. And to laugh about it is horrible.

Not horrible in my eyes. Thanks for your input though. Next time someone gives you a tip regardless of their state of mind n regardless the size of tip, make sure you give it back. I do not intend of giving it back, it was a blessing in my life n paid a bill once I put it in the bank. We’re all here making money off of people. Plain n simple as long as it’s all legit n legal. It was, case closed

thanks for sticking up for me🙏 working with the public is not easy. A gem of a tip is irregular as hell n very appreciated

Skip Williams Technically since the pax was not of sound mind at the time it wasnt legit I just hope you run into any problems in the future with this pax they probably thought they spent it at the bar anyway

I never said to not accept a reasonable tip 20.00 or less in their state of mind unless you confirm with them they intended to pay you that amount but accepting a hideous amount for a tip without confirming the amount is wrong. And the big guy upstairs gave you a chance to make it right . Just remember that.

I believe it was my late wife that was a possible muse to the drunk n knowing her better than anyone, I pocketed that

I never look at my tips… they hand me money I place it in my pocket… I don’t count tips… when I need cash I pull out my tips and pay whatever I need…

Good job Skip Williams congratulations. I had a customer on purposely gave me a 100.00 tip a couple of times and also a 200.00 tip as well. So I have your back. Drunk or not that’s your fault. Mine weren’t drunk though. But still congratulations. You deserve it.