Got my biggest tip from drunk brothers

It’s always good practice to just confirm with the passenger and say thanks for this tip I just want to make sure you meant to give me this amount. Then you can go on with a good conscious and be happy otherwise I look at it as being a person who watched someone drop a hundred dollar bill on the floor in line ahead of you and instead of say hey you dropped this money on the floor and you just take it because your immoral and the asshole who can’t be honest. Or you find a purse in parking lot and instead of turning it in you take the money and leave the purse same example as a cab driver.

Nope! I’m out for the money. I never look at the tip anyway, rude to count money in front of pax. Smile, thank them, throw money center console. Wouldn’t even know how much until end of night.

Yeah no… I too have mouths to feed n it is karma. It came back to me. It’s like winning a mini lotto but off of a drunk lol. Also, I’ve been sleeping just as easy as ever other night since. When a tip is handed over in appreciation, regardless of the size, one will do what’s right n use it to continue adulting by paying bills or feeding or clothe their children. I was given an opportunity through karma n I feel I adulted correctly with it. A lot of you don’t like what happened in my case but done is done once cash was exchanged from one hand to the other.

The discussion goes 2 ways and that’s that. There is the greedy and there is the giver. Too many stories of unscrupulous acts coming from the drivers, there is no wonder why the pax act the way they do

There’s many reasons why pax dislike drivers. For another reason, the charge is always too damn high lol

they know we don’t set the price they are mad from too many drivers providing shitty service, and I do understand that the pax can be unruly but i’m here to pick up and drop off

Karma is fake. Cash is real. You didn’t break the law to get it. The last time I checked, mortgage companies don’t accept karma as a payment method.

All these ppl saying you should go back to them… SMH. Maybe 2 out of 10 would actually do it themselves. #potcallingthekettleblack

Their mistake. I’m not saying the drunk guy who gave this meant it, but we put up with shit all the time from drunks and snooty passengers all the time who want white glove service and don’t get it and then claim we weren’t professional. The driver just got paid the tips he should have received from those who did not tip. Good job, driver !

So you take from others out of greed instead of what’s right or wrong? Maybe you should read the bible. Greed is unacceptable. Do unto others as others undo to you. So as to take from someone who didn’t give that kind of money because they meant to. And because he had a bill to pay he didn’t want to do the right thing instead he paid a bill wow. I hope it happens to you and you suffer in the end as I’m sure this person who worked the correct way with a conscious needed that money in his homestead instead of someone taking advantage of a person.

Besides he probably thinks he lost it not given it out as a tip because according to him he only tipped a couple of dollars

That was clearly an accident on their part, and they have kids to feed, rent and car payments, just like you do. You can try to justify it all you want, but the effort is moot, you KNOW keeping that money is wrong. Karma is going to bite your ass hard, and you’re going to wave bye bye to that hundred bucks when you get a speeding ticket, or your phone or your car dies. Don’t be a dick. Take it back.