Got deactivated for 7 to 10 days because of annual background check

I’ve been driving for Uber .all of the sudden ive been deactivated because they say they are doing an annual background check.the only background check i have ever had was when i enrolled with uber. I called them and they said it would take 7 to 10 days to do the background check. Thats totally ridiculous!!!

Did the same thing to me last week. Make sure you click on the checkr link they emailed you. You probably need to update information on there. Mine just became active today but I gave up on Uber. They suck! I’m only driving for Lyft now.

Just spoke to Uber support Got No Satisfaction. Deactivated for 7 to 10 days because they’re doing a background check. They make me sick

Your most likely done. Only time they deactivate anyone during check is if there are issues

Think the system tried to get me yesterday but i refreh and it went to my account not sure or if was Glitch

Hold. Deactivated. Same thing !!! Cant drive !!! 7 to 10 days !!! Started driving sept 2016 !!

They should let the driver continue to drive while they’re doing a background check

Then what’s the point of doing a background check if they find something wrong?

Any prior accidents or violations even if not at fault or dismissed will be deactivated

Not true, I had two not at fault accidents and a failure to yield that got reduced to expired brake tag and had no issues.

Go to Uber Headquarters and find out…ohhh didn’t realize you live out of state…

They do random background checks on everyone! This time it choose you relax! It always comes back in few days

Happened to me today while at the airport queue, just jump into the Lyft app, but I will say this a 24 hrs heads up would it been nice.

Good luck! They deactivated me back in January for the same reason and been deactivated ever since

It’s not going to take 7-10 days especially in California. My background check has been pending since June 25th. New driver here.

I had the same thing if your back ground comes back cleared u will be ok if it comes back as consider that means it will take for ever and up to Uber if they want to keep u or not

They did this to me right before New Year’s Eve last year. I was really angry because I had hoped to make some real money. The thing is it only took a few hours and I was back online. Didn’t miss a beat.

After driving for lyft for a year in 2 states they did this to me…i had a wreck and a ticket outside of the ride share platform and haven’t been accepted back since…

Yeah, been there, done that. Took them 3 weeks during December. Hope you have better luck

You’re not deactivated. you got put on a waitlist. Big difference bro. If you think about it, it makes total sense