Got account deactivated for too many call rejected


(Mark Moore) #1

Got my account deactivated after driving for almost 2 years with 4.91 star rating. Reason too many call rejected which is bull shit. if the call is cancelled by rider or driver both are considered as rejected by me wtf! thats freakin unfair

(Kelly Hector) #2

That’s against your contract as an independent contractor. You can pick which rides to take and reject. Tell them that at your local office.

(Bector Ernest) #3

Not everyone has these other services to work for in their areas.

(Melinda Foster) #4

Keeping checking back. We are adding more app based jobs all the time.

(Jonathan Green) #5

Hey! Go file your unemployment claim… you will get it… just answer the questions honestly

(Peter Nelson) #6

“We don’t care if they are 15 miles away and going two blocks you must go get them so we get a booking fee and 20% while you lose money to complete the trips”

(Harold Young) #7

Did you went down to office in SF yet? The manager over there used to be a driver and he very understanding.

(Dennis Scott) #8

Yeah he’s really cool go to Vermont Street I forget his name he was one of the first drivers for uber

(Allicia Lopez) #9

I thought there was a court ruling that they are now suppose to give a a warning?

(Jerry Hall) #10

I can’t believe you didn’t rescue that guy balancing on a chopstick.

(Timothy Clark) #11

Count the deactivation as a blessing! You do not need to work under poverty income!

(Harris Frank) #12

Wow…that’s pretty screwed up. I don’t see how they can gig you for a pax cancelling. What was was your rejection rate?

(Eric Moore) #13

Pure scum is uber I have literally rejected thousands of calls from Lyft and have never even gotten a warning or anything. I feel bad for the customer that needs a car but I can’t drive 25 mins to lose money no f**king way
You should immediately be looking to sue the shameful scumbags you are a rideshare driver that’s what they like to call themselves to get around the regulators . So you chose not to share your ride end of story

(Jill Aron) #14

I love lyft cause I can actually see where the pax is going and cancel if I’m not into driving to the airport or some suburb at that moment. It does say that it affects my acceptance rating to cancel…good to know that they won’t deactivate me or threaten to for choosing rides!

(Jose Hernandez) #15

I think it’s a restructuring because I’ve seen a lot of people post about being deactivated for low acceptance, low ratings, cancels… all long time drivers. Out with the old people at the old commission rate, and stock up on the newbies at 75% I guess!

(Anderson Lee) #16

If its 10 miles away just accept it and go on break eventually the riders going to cancel

(Kenneth Miller) #17

Rider cancelling and driver cancelling are considered the same thing.

(Paul Garcia) #18

Woooooow!!! This is insane! You have to go to office and talk in person with GM. Sometimes people who respond are morons, who work by the book and don’t have personal opinion!

(David Smith) #19

Ulasyar, join the class action lawsuit. End an email to the law firm

(Audrina Jameson) #20

When I got the location of the pax. He told me he is moving. There were many furniture things in front of the driveway such as, coffee table, round nook table, night table, kitchen appliances and so forth. I rejected and told the pax, this stuff is not for my car even though it is large enough, and he needs a small pick-up truck. I left the place . the night I got an SMS which reads my account was deactivated “just for not using my Chevy Suburban as a truck”. Enough is enough. Have you seen such a company which never gives a shit to its drivers, and fuck them at all times. FUCK UBER.