Got a question about luggage on airport pick ups

Is it our responsibility to put passengers luggage in the trunk at airport pick ups?

It’s not our responsibility
It’s up to the individual driver to decide

It’s called “rideshare”. You don’t want to touch anything that might come back to you like something breaking or lost.

If they show that they expect it then i will let them put their own bags in my trunk. If they leave them there and walk away, well, they are getting their baggage themselves before we leave (or the baggage will be left there). If they don’t expect it I will help every time.

Not our responsibility but being a man it’s the nice thing to do, if the weight & quantity is in reason. It also gives u a chance to gauge what might be in there (& what’s being removed)

I do it for women, but i feel kind of weird doing it for men, i don’t want to feel like I’m trying to make them look weak or less of a man by helping them

No it’s not. But think about it, most people don’t care about other people’s property, so they throw the luggage in the trunk, scuffing the bumper cover, fenders, etc.

I help…I have them pick up the top handle and I grab the side handle and we wrestle it in together. Usually say some sappy bullshit like…we did it! go teamwork! pax love it and it gives you an instant connection with them. Also…by me helping I can make sure it doesn’t scrape up my bumper.

I read this question, as if the person asking it, has no idea what industry they work in. It is called rideshare sure, but boil it down and this is a service industry. Provide your service, behave as if you are an independant contractor, and make your money.

Loading bags? Do you like tips? Do you like passengers in a mood where you owe them or that they owe you?

Do you like money or not?

exactly people after your comment are saying I dont ger tipped anyway maybe they are treating riders like the bags you didnt load

If they need help, I help. I don’t get tips whether I help or not so I dunno wtf these people are all IF U WANT TIPS U BETTER and shit.

Probably has a lot to do with the market. My tips get better in summer tourist season when all sorts come through, poorer in winter tourism season when… well i wont say who comes through. Its a true stereotype i wont propagate. :rofl: . Im in a pretty tourist heavy area. Local tip sometimes well sometimes not at all. Drunks universally almost tip well.

I usually offer or at least go make sure their not scratching things up and open trunk. I prefer not to but will be there in case they need my help and to ensure my car doesn’t get messed up with them throwing their bags in. Most don’t want this white haired lady helping.

I watch. I quickly gauge if they’re looking for assistance. I got tired of asking a man if he wants help with his bags. But most people around here down want some random Joe touching their bags so I leave them be. But like I say I stand by and watch, cause as soon as it looks like they ready to prop the bags on the bumper I’ll just move in and help slide it on in so I can roll

I’m not out here to work just for tips. and with the history of my bad back is why I’m not working a regular job in my profession so no I will not load somebody suitcase. I get tipped like crazy because of my personality not because I got out of my car and put somebody’s bag in my trunk

I actually bought one of those small blankets at Walgreens and I rolled it over the edge of my trunk because some of these idiots don’t give a shit and they will drop their 80 pound luggage on the back of your car and then go I didn’t drop the wheels on your car it didn’t scratch a thing. I’ve watch them scrape and scratch up my car and every single one of them denied it. And I’m like my eyeballs saw the will connect with the paint on my car. So I help them only because I don’t want to scratch my vehicle and believe me they will drag their shit across your car and not give a fuck about you when your car. Always help them.

It’s our responsibility to drive them to the address they enter…anything else is just being nice and increasing your chances of a tip. Uber is a ride share app…not a personal chauffer service. So it’s really up to you.

Keep this in mind. The rider played for the trip. If you want a tip you need to earn it. Dont help, dont expect tips.

I train with this in mind. If you cant toss around 50 lbs this may be the wrong hustle for you.

Why? I travel weekly most of the year and use Lyft most of the time. Maybe 1 out of 10 drivers will even get out of their car.

Like sitting up front, OKC is a weird market.