Got a big ass job would you still drive Uber?

I would like to know what other Uber drivers think of this. I just got a big ass job making close to six figures. But I love driving Uber in my community. If you were in my situation would you still drive Uber on your off hours just to meet new people and have a good time or would you say no it’s not worth it?

That’s an individual decision. If you feel like the benefit of interacting with others is worth the sacrifice of your time, go do it!

I can’t imagine a guy who asks that question being qualified to be offered a 6 figure job. Are you sure the decimals are in the right place?

That’s my life. I make good money and I drive Uber. The hubs and I both have side jobs, because more is more. Uber pays for all the extras.

If u have the passion 2 drive 4 UBER - let it become ur true side hustle. " u can do anything with a plan. #intentional :sunglasses::+1:t6::us:

I have a 6-figure job and drive part-time. Just because you make good money, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make more

If you don’t need to money, but enjoy driving, go for it and donate the money to something good. Besides being an Uber driver you can write off the service on your car which may be worth it in-and-of itself

Oh Bryan you should def quite the six figure job and continue to screw with Uber. Please let me know what drugs your on so I can be as smart as you man. Lmao

I have a decent full time job and i know where you are coming from. Ppl who don’t get it they HAVE to do the Uber thing. Some of us are lucky enough to choose to do it. Like others said, more is more, and if you happen to enjoy it then that’s the icing on the cake. Keep it up. And the best part is, there will be weekends where you just don’t feel like going out there, but you won’t have to :slight_smile:

Just a thought…but if you are thinking of doing it just for fun, you could donate all profits (or all earnings if you don’t mind eating that cost) to the charity of your choice. Or mix it up every month or whatever. Put signage in your car stating what you’re doing, name of charity (or theme if you’re donating to a local charity for Houston or something) and each time you drive, update the amount so your pax can see how much. They’ll tip you more too cause they’re donating to a good cause. Tell them you’re only doing this in your spare time because…and then tell them your story :). You’ll be having fun and doing good at the same time.

Risk vs gain. If I were making close to six figures there would be no need to waste time potentially risking involvement in an accident, disrespect from entitled pax, avoidable stress, placing unnecessary miles on my vehicle, citations etc. Otherwise go for it, take all your rideshare money and put it away in a retirement fund.

Do both sometime Uber is relaxing after a long day at the office.

Absolutely. Use uber to get back all the money uncle Sam steals from you.

Is your job hiring because no if I was making six figures I would spend more time at home with my kids, when I retire I would totally uber again because it is fun

I’d drive a cab, = someone elses car, security systems, friendly cabbies to chat to when there’s no work.

I say do both, but go easy on the rideshare part. Keep it fun - for example: do just enough rides to take your girl out to a fancy steakhouse, or to generate a casino blackjack/poker fund, etc. I’m a six figure earner, but I Uber/Lyft to pay my recurring monthly bills, so the rest is totally investment/discretionary money.

Once you start cashing those big paychecks Uber will be a distant and fading memory in your head.

Depends what end of 6 figures you’re on. I make right at 100k at my normal job but I still do uber part time.

I’d still do Uber, in fact I have a online Job that makes me a fair sum, but Uber relaxes me & help me find new clients too

Get settled in at your new job then slowly start picking up user shifts again. Uber clears the brain fog.