Got a big ass job would you still drive Uber?

I’d be on my boat that I would buy with the money from that job enjoying my time off :blush:

No, people who make a good living shouldn’t drive. It effects all the other drivers income. All these people saying I like meeting people etc. need to find a bar or social club to mingle at. I am saying this after driving with Uber for 2 years. For a lot of people this is all they have right now. Unless your donating your earnings I don’t agree with it. No offense.

Omg…this is the problem here in fort Myers Florida, you have all these retires that have taken over the airport…and has turned into a senior center social hours…they sit around yapping for hours while they are waiting for one of those cheapo rides…while the rest of us that are trying to pay for the car and maintenance and repairs…they brag about all there pensions and not needing the money…one idiot went out and bought a new 65 thousand dollar SUV…put 98 thousand miles on it in 10 months…he never made enough to pay for the vehicle…the car is totally upside down…minus oil changes. Tires. Fuel…maintenance…repairs…uber has found suckers…

i’m well over 6 figures and i still do it. Of course i have 2 college age kids, so i still need the money

You really shouldn’t be doing Uber if you got it like that

Why would you? Uber is a terrible job that pays pennies

Driving is therapeutical for me. I drive because it’s fun mindless stressless work.

Here’s an idea, donate your earnings to me, I need the cash

Not worth it don’t make nearly enough at my current ft gig and still don’t do it as much as I used 2, not worth the wear and tear on my car

I like driving too … but honestly, let somebody else that NEEDS the pittance money make it.

Go make your six figures & let someone else who needs Uber to support themselves get the rides.

If this is the case congrats, but seriously you need advice on this??? Your preferences are yours. U already know what youre gonna do. No advice we give u will make u suddenly want to stop or start driving in addition to your new job.

Can ya’ll making six figures hook a girl up? It’s all about networking :wink:

If you love doing it do it. When I first started driving it was not like working, it was like going on quests, and getting money for it!!!

I’m making over seven figures and I’m still driving. I also use decimals in my calculations. :nerd_face:

I would do what I love to do. If love driving then I say do both, what harm can it do?

I love driving and meeting people, but not so sure I’d do it if I didn’t need to to survive

You keep driving. Because the uber income is self employment. You take and max out your S.E.P. Into a ROTH and you will never regret that decision.

It’s your time…do what pleases you…give it what time is comfortable for you