Gonna ask the rookie question but I don't care

I’m consistently getting flagged for cleanliness on my rides for Lyft so much so that I’m at risk of decactivation
There’s no trash in the footwells
I spray Ozium and I have a vent air freshener.
No debris in back seats.
Floor mats are clean

Only thing that I think it could be is the fact that I keep my weightlifting bag and emergency battery in the back with plenty of space for luggage.
What else could I be missing

I got a full trunk of personal belongings and have never been flagged for that lol weird. I’m talking like all my camping gear n shit lol room for a suit case maybe.

On the other hand, even though I cleaned my car often, I never really realized how dirty it was until I had the interior detailed. Now I’m scared to even fart in it cause it’s so damn clean lol.

Lol my rear all weather tray in my Subaru is stained by clay, never had a complaint. Shit I don’t even vacuum all that much. Do a little mat chuck 1-2 times a week, maybe vacuum every 1-2 weeks. Wash the car every 7-10 days or when my collision sensors hate the dirt on the bumper. Lol

Hell even got a Cleanliness badge on Uber and tons of cleanliness kudos on Lyft. Lol and there is always leaves and rocks and stuff on the mats.

I can’t be vacuuming after every ride as I am literally queued and rarely have more than 1-2 minutes between requests since I took up both Uber and Lyft.

I had a similar problem when I first started. Then it stopped. I think my personal skills developed fairly quick then the complainers stopped looking for something to be wrong as much as they would have had my persona been more introverted.

You’re probably getting flagged for cleanliness by riders attempting to get a free or reduced fare ride.

Some people just like to complain and want free rides. It’s really crappy but just how it is. I’m sure if your vehicle is clean then it’s not you. They can’t see what you have in the trunk

I wash and vacuum my car almost every day… But when I started I used to smoke outside the car but pax would tell me that my car smelled like smoke and got flagged a few times.
I Pay 20 a month for unlimited car washes

$20 a month for unlimited car washes?!? That crazy. I pay $20 for 1 car wash!

If you smoke they could be complaining about the smell that’s could be on you

Maybe could be the heir freshman some people are allergic to them then like you’re so they my be given low rating I don’t use that in my car and I get 5 star

Buy a portable vacuum helps. Lint rollers? And use Fabreze. Keep a eye after trips on back. Spend 5 mins in am and watch during day.

One big thing could be windows. Your pax look out of them the entire trip; so if you have dirty windows Ie it washed down every other day; then that might be it.

I am a rider and a driver. So I see various rideshare cars. Honestly if it smells yes that’s a big one and also if u don’t take the time to windex windows and wipe down obvious settled dust then yes that would be a flag

Notice how you didn’t post any pictures? Yeah don’t care how clean it is we can’t help if we can’t see.

Don’t know if you meant well, but you come off as a complete dick… If your comment isn’t helpful, don’t say anything.

Fuck off you didn’t decide to read my other helpful comments when she actually posted the photos. Who asks for help identifying something without something to identify thought…kinda stupid.

Just saying that the way you worded that was not very polite. I didn’t say you were a dick, but I am going to now that you told me to fuck off. I was pointing out that your comment came off very rude. Instead of saying, Oh hey, can you post pictures? That’s be helpful to tell what’s causing you the marks. You said “Yeah don’t care.” Not the most helpful thing in the world. You’d do a lot better to use kind words. I hope you don’t treat passengers this way.

Literally nothing could help until we see the picture. Clearly her view of clean isn’t what the pax is… honestly I wouldn’t have wanted to ride in a car that dirty myself. Easy to fix though.

This is the internet, politeness isn’t guaranteed, only that I will speak my mind.

I pay $20 a month for unlimited car washes and use of vacuums and always make sure all personal items are out of my car.

It’s probably the gloves for weightlifting. Those things smell like ass when sweaty and your gym bag. Ditch that stuff and will probably improve.