Give ride to drunk people? When to say no?

So how do people determine who is too drunk to give a ride to? Last weekend I picked up a couple and the girl was so drunk she couldn’t walk. The whole ride I’m praying she doesn’t puke. It turned out OK but one of these days it might not. What does everyone else do in this situation?

If you’re not sure if the rider is too drunk, the rider is too drunk. Simple.

They are never to drunk. The whole reason they took a ride was to get home safely…so get them home safely. Even if you have to help them to their door…do it…do it.

Don’t get paid to help people to the door F**k that

@timothy some people view customer service differently…if they can barely walk I make sure they get to the door. To many stories in my city of people being left out in the cold. I don’t want to be that guy.

I just do what I’m paid to do get people from point a to point b safe and on time.

No worries @timothy. Everyone does it differently.

I sit and wait for every passenger to walk in their front door at night drunk or not drunk

Me too, some of the men even appreciate me waiting!

Trust me I’m terrible at figuring it out. One pax was laughing and joking , walking normal, and then BOOM THROW UP EVERYWHERE. Keep bags with you and let them know if you have to puke, politely use the bag or I’ll pull over.

But even if they are too drunk Uber is essentially used to get people who aren’t capable of driving home. So I don’t turn em down, I just be prepared

I keep bags in the back of the passenger seat, those that drunk aren’t usually alone so their friends can help direct the puke. One girl missed last week and got it in my car and on her friend and the rider tipped me $20 and knew she’d get the $150 cleaning fee. She was so pissed at her friend.

If I feel that they are too drunk then I feel that they are in most need of a ride

If they’re passed out they’re too drunk. I don’t carry drunk people from the car to their bed.

So an intoxicated passenger isn’t being disrespectful to your vehicle? What’s the difference?

Here’s what I’ll do and I’ve never had a person puke in the last 4 years Park 50 feet away from a bar or any club if a person can’t walk to the car or you got any doubt in your mind whatsoever you take off

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No amount of drunk is too drunk. Party People use uber so that they may drink and not have to worry about driving. There is no amount of puking or obnoxiousness that would ever make me wish the drunk person had driven themselves home. I’d rather them puke all over my vehicle than to be driving on the same roads I’m out there driving on. It’s a nasty job… but then so is cleaning up a drunk driving accident scene.
And who else out there dealing with puke (nurses, etc…) gets paid 150 every time someone makes a mess?
It’s easy to avoid the drunk passenger situation if it’s not your comfort zone… don’t be driving at the time the bars are closing

Just because you have bags doesn’t mean they won’t puke in your car. It sometimes hits them fast. If someone looks like they may puke really chill with acceleration, deceleration, and turning rates. They do have to enter and exit on their own because you can’t touch a passenger.

If you want that bonus do the exact opposite and TURN UP THE HEATER! If they get mad, tell them it’s your car not theirs!!!:joy: Don’t let them try to control you!! If they can’t handle it, 911 will take care of them. :joy:

I had two young women in my car and one of them was so drunk she couldn’t breath. Thank God the friend dug in her purse to find her inhaler. If her friend couldn’t have done it I would have pulled over and found that inhaler or pull in to the closest hospital. But that’s why they call Uber’s so they can get home safe. I had a few other women that couldn’t get out of the car and I walked them to their door and one to the lobby of her hotel. Big deal I would hope someone did that for me if I was that messed up.

Drunk people are too drunk always, you just have to pray that they don’t puke and that they are coherent enough to get home. Other then that, the whole point of driving late is to get those drunks home safely.