Give ride to drunk people? When to say no?

As a taxi driver for the past 20 years, I had many drunks get arrested for being too drunk. Yes, you heard it right, in Florida, you can get arrested for being too drunk (Disorderly Intoxicated) and not being able to handle yourself. In case you’re curious what will happen when you call the cops: The cop will drag their pass out ass by their feet, arrest them, and them put them in the tank until the next day. It takes a few drinks to become illegal to drive. Getting drunk off your ass it’s a whole different ball game, and cops hate it. As an adult, you should not get drunk to the point where you can’t handle yourself in public, period. Do that shit at home, and be responsible for your own actions. Alcohol its a drug, Do you go pickup crack heads because you want to make sure they get home safely? I didn’t think so. Nobody should have to babysit you because you decided to drink beyond what you can handle. It’s mind-blowing to me, that people actually think I’m going to get fucked up, and I’m going to expect and give full responsibility to my driver to take me home safely. SMH.


Florida Statute 856.011 Disorderly intoxication.—
(1) No person in the state shall be intoxicated and endanger the safety of another person or property (puking in your car), and no person in the state shall be intoxicated or drink any alcoholic beverage in a public place or in or upon any public conveyance and cause a public disturbance.

Do they get charged? Is it considered a misdemeanor?

The offense is a second degree misdemeanor, with penalties that include jail and probation.

I wonder how many people actually do get charged with Disorderly intoxication. I think it’s mostly used against homeless or drug addict population, not as much on random people.

Hey Miguel, I agree with 100%, however reality dictates that a lot of people are not considerate of others and do not care what we think. They want to get drunk, for whatever reason, and start acting like idiots, usually showing off their true nature when drunk. Essentially, I think an Uber driver that does decide to take these people home, should then take full responsibility and not moan when someone vomits in their car. I always look at this situation from this viewpoint: It’s my car, and like my home, once I let you enter it, you are my visitor and I have to make you comfortable while you are in my home. However, if you insult me or my family, I will kick you out. In the case of drunks in the car, while they should be responsible for their actions, in reality they are not. So, even if they do insult me and my car, I will still respect them as a visitor to my property and get them home safe and sound. If I didn’t want to have hassles, I wouldn’t do the night shift and If I do the night shift I will steer clear of bars, it is after all my decision.

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