General conversation today with several Lyft passengers

During general conversation today several Lyft passengers all said they don’t like Uber and don’t use it because of the drivers, general complaints were unprofessional, rude and drivers and/or vehicle smell like Marijuana…just being in this group i get from some of the comments and posts SOME of you are rude, probably unprofessional, but surely no one is smoking weed before they drive right??? I’ve heard the weed issue before but I assumed it was specific to the 3 drivers that 3 people mentioned prior to today :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

I’m new to Uber. I’m also a Lyft driver but have only used it once. I don’t really care for the app. It’s not as user friendly as Uber’s to me.
I have asked a few of my passengers about which they prefer. I live in a college town. All the students have said they prefer Uber simply because when they try Lyft their requests take too long. Also I should mention I live in the town where the creators of Lyft went to school. :blush:

Or they just smell of it. There are also strains that are CBD dominant with less than a % of THC.

I drive for both, I had 2 paxs today say they like Lyft better because of the tipping, but had to use Uber because even though I was signed on to both Lyft said closest driver is 17 and 23 mins when Uber was only 4.

I’d say half the people I pickup in my area smell like they just got done smoking weed. Pretty sad actually.

Weed might as well be legal nationally because it’s not here in Atlanta, and have all kinds of people smelling of it. People dressed in suits talking about $30 million dollar deals, smelling like weed. This job should open our eyes that people are all the same.

The driver needs to keep febreeze on him. I have passengers that are clearly smoking weed before they have entered my vehicle, I spray as soon as they get out

In a region of the world where weed is legal a lot of my passenger smell of ganja. I’d prefer that over the stink of booze any day.

I know I’ve picked up passengers that smoked right before I picked them up and the smell is so strong on their clothing etc that it stinks up my car. Sometimes I’ve had to go offline roll down my windows and air out my car before passengers get in. I do t ever want them thinking it’s me. I carry spray in my car for that reason also.

Passanger told me his driver showed up with a open beer. Between his legs in the seat. And yes he reported it.

Wow. I’m not offering anything and you got people smoking and drinking with passengers. This is crazy.

The crazy part is most of the same Uber drivers are lyft drivers as well.

I’ve been driving high on weed since I got my DL at age 18. Why should I stop now that it’s actually not illegal to posses or use pot.

Um…because it’s a DUI if you get caught. That shit is expensive and then you can’t drive for either platform!

I’ve had passengers getting my car smelled so strong of weed they must have had some in their bags my car took half an hour of windows down before the smell was fairly gone

Most of the Lyft drivers are uber drivers too, at least all the ones I know are :woman_shrugging:t4:

Heard the same thing about Lyft drivers from my riders who will only ride Uber, now.

I consume medicinal marijuana before driving.
Even passengers smoke weed all day long, it’s legal here so toke on my friends!

It’s not legal anywhere to smoke and drive . Just because it’s legal to consume in public does not mean you will not get a DUI eventually when They figure out how to measure when you’re too high . Sure if they had same DUI test for marijuana you’re not gonna fail that shit can totally stand on one leg and count while laughing. lol

In California, the same rules apply to weed as to drinking. If you’re impaired, you’ll get a DUI and there goes your job, your insurance and, I understand, about $30,000. And we have a new uber rider because someone has no drivers license. But stupid people do stupid things.