General conversation today with several Lyft passengers


(Mitchel) #21

LAPD is developing a detection system similar to a breathelizer for weed. True, it’s hard to catch, but not true that police here don’t care. On NPR, they reported that the LAPD desperately wants to catch offenders -probably for the revenue, but still.

(Haris_McMan) #22

Drivers overall seem kind of bitter. The last few trips I had, they all gave off a dissatisfied-with-life sort of vibe. Vegas, Los Angeles… Just took a bunch of trips for the first time in a while. Some X, some Pool.

(Amanda Halen) #23

It’s all those referrals that are coming back to bite us in the ass. Short term monetary gains creating long term competition and lower rates…

(Maurice Nixon) #24

I save all my rudeness for here lol… mostly to the weirdo drivers. Car doesn’t smell like weed but a lot of the pax smell like ass :weary:

(Andrew Martin) #25

it’s the ok passengers that get in after they light up…i have a concentrated spray I spray right after I get a stinky person

(Kimberly Nelson) #26

Last week in Vegas I had a lyft driver offer my wife to smoke his ecig marijuana pen. He says he smoked it all the time while waiting

(Sharon Green) #27

I’ve heard the same about lyft drivers. I think it depends on your market. You know there are good and bad drivers for each service.

(Sue Cooper) #28

I’m very sure at least half this group will smoke one up before driving because well, people aren’t smart.

(Donna Harris) #29

It’s from previous pax. I try to spray and ride with window down. But you still can smell it

(Michaela Biksacky) #30

Seriously, who TF wants to drive anyone around anyway other than SOBER?! If you get into an accident on something, you are the definition of f*cked. I use essential oils to make my car smell nice. In all my time, I’ve only had one stinky pax. So thankful!

(Sheena Washington) #31

Frebreez in mine, and have a spray that is like a vanilla lavender

(Brendan Halai) #32

I use to use Febreeze but it makes my asthma flare up now :disappointed: Hello 7 year body changes :roll_eyes:

(William Murphy) #33

The smell is probably from previous passengers most of the time. I have had many that smelled strongly of weed, but I always use Febreeze.

(Graham Sandy) #34

I smoke a hog leg before driving every time. Oh and btw…Uber and Lyft drivers are the same people.