Gas prices are driving us out of rideshare industry

The petition headline says, drivers need to be paid for the mileage “from the point where they accept the ride request. Uber and Lyft are abusing drivers because in some incidents the platform keeps sending drivers 15 - 30 and even 45 min away distances for the drivers to go for a pickup”
How is that right? With the high gas prices and the ever declining pay to drivers #uber and #lyft need to make the proper adjustments! Period.

“” I am asking Uber & Lyft to raise the rates that the customer pays to help drivers deal with the cost of rising gas prices!

Gas prices are hitting us hard! Both companies could also take a smaller commission from fares AND we should be paid for our mileage to pick up the customer from the point where we have accepted their request to when we have dropped them off at their desired location.

Can’t afford to keep driving full time. Need a rate increase!””

I agree that we all need a rate increase. But nobody ever said you need to take a ride that is 15, 30, or 45 minutes away.

But if you hit that cancel button too many times they deactivate you. I feel like if we got paid half the amount of mileage getting to a place as we do when we have them in our car it would make a world of difference

Cancelling doesn’t hurt your star ratinf…just your acceptance rating when your still a new driver…once you break 100 a cancellation is less than a percent over 200 each cancellation is less than half a percent and so forth

Canceling will get you ousted. However, not accepting a ride is harmless.

Lyft will kick you from the platform for not accepting rides… Uber will just dramatically cut the rides they offer you

There’s a button on both apps, they are the X button, push it and that request goes away!!!
Aren’t you posting the exact same thing that has been already posted 45 times today? Dumb ass’s

it is important to share these on all sites we are part of. Some people are not linked to as many groups as you are to see the same post multiple times! How is that for an explanation for your “narrow sighted mind?”…

you are probably the one looting behind the true protesters too. Narrow mind? You’re just a whiny crybaby afraid to work

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I can see why you never make any money! Turn on your app and go to work instead of bitching on Facebook all day ayyyy !!

Most truck, taxi and limo drivers don’t get paid to pickup. What makes us so special?

So everyone else that has to pay the rising gas costs is chopped liver? How bout my friend that stocks brochures in hotels…he actually puts more miles on his car daily than I do…should he get a raise too?
Oh, I know…don’t accept any pickups over 10+ minutes away.

Honestly uber and lyft were made to help to decrease drunk driving. I dont think it was ever made to be a full time job. That’s how I’ve always thought of it.

If you drive more than 10mins to do a pick up, you’re losing. I never accept pings like that unless it’s for a concert/event and those 10+mins are spend in a line to get into an Uber pick up area.

So here’s another alternative as well…stop paying for gas. I haven’t in 36k miles a I’ve saved a ton of money.

Oh good for you… do you need recognition? Good job…

No recognition needed or wanted…trying to help save folks some money. Get a ev or plug in hybrid and take you gas costs to none or barely anything

To get EV or plug-in hybrid is to spend more while base compact sedan/hatchback cost thousands less comparatively. Get fuel efficient subcompact or compact gasoline cars. Not mid size sedan that will be paid the same as UberX of subcompact/compact with fewer mileage. Poor acceptance ratio is not the issue if you don’t want the ride for 10 min plus. It is only issue if you accept only to cancel. Just let the request dies out if it is more than 10 mins.