Found cell in my vehicle and handed it to the nearest police station

So I found this cell in my vehicle it must have been left behind by a rider so I quickly turn it off drove to nearest police station handed it over to them … I’m not about to take a chance a stranger knocking on my door or call me because GPS tracker sent themselves to my home… or uber gave them my number and no riders wont tip they will try to convince you to drive waist gas to deliver cell noo thank you I also called uber informed them they’re terrible and disrespectful giving riders our numbers to call us… so have fun going to police station to pickup your cell phone rider

You do know you get a $15 return fee for dropping that back off to the rider don’t you

Sometimes the $15 isn’t worth it if you’re already in the middle of work. Whenever I take a break it’s like I lose momentum and I lose way more money

Right!!! I can be really busy, have to stop to use the restroom and come back out, go 1/2 with no rides. Pretty frustrating at times but part of it I guess.

I ALWAYS return when It slows down or I am ending my shift and not too tired. I NEVER stop to return something.

  1. Uber doesn’t give out your number to passengers, just like you don’t get their number! It goes through a proxy and sends a number that set for this!
  2. If you return an item to a passenger Uber will pay you 15bucks and a lot of times passenger will tip on top.
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If you report a lost item they will ask for your permission to give out your number, or they will act on your behalf to communicate with the passenger. There is no arbitrary handing out of your personal information.

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A police station is not a lost and found whoever started this is not very smart just turn off the phone and put it in a basket if nothing free phone

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Actually the post office has been sort of a lost and found for as long as I can remember. If you find someone’s license they tell you to drop it at the local post office. That’s probably where They got that idea from

Yup, lets waste police resources and make them an unofficial Lost and Found instead of fighting actual crime.

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If they had a problem with it I’m pretty sure that they would’ve mentioned stop letting us be a lost and found. They haven’t had an issue with it. Why don’t we place the blame on the passengers and not us. They are the ones that left their stuff behind. That’s being careless

Only way they can track other phones is through google maps if they are sharing their location with someone but if the phone gets turned off it won’t update the location. iPhone is the only one that can be track and be remotely tuned back on if you turn it off.

She’s not lying though. I had an incident last week. Pax left a Iphone 6…no one claimed a lost item by end of the day or next. So I had it inside my house and randomly a sherrif deputy showed up looking for the phone. This happened about an hour after I tried to turn phone on to find its owner.

? I’ve had an iPhone X at my house for 6 weeks, turned on. No one has contacted me trying to locate the phone. I drove around with that phone in my car for two days because I wasn’t sure if it was an Über or Lyft pax. Someone was either too drunk or doesn’t care about it

I get it, you just want to see how many people you can get a raise out of. Because nobody can really be that stupid.

Ive had pax call me to my number
How do i know cause then they start txting me n u cant do that through the uber system

Yes you can text, plus remember that if they call and your voicemail gives out your actual number then now they have it when you don’t answer their call.

Uber doesn’t mandate that it’s done this way. I’m not going out of my way to give anybody anything back. You are an adult and you’ve been taught since the first grade to look after your belongings. You are only inside of a car. You weren’t at a mansion which means you could a left your belongings and some room and couldn’t figure it out. If you can’t turn your neck to look to see if you left some shit. I’m not going out of my way either. I will drop it at the closest post office. This aint a babysitting services

I make damn sure I have my stuff (especially my phone…really!!!) when I exit someone’s vehicle. Like all of you, I have had a pax leave their phone (twice), but regardless, I follow the guidelines set up to handle lost items - I do this even if they were rude - two wrongs do not make a right.

I’d did the EXACTLY what you did too!

I did my part, not my problem anymore.