For those who have made decisions like this, how did you feel your transition went?


(Mathew Boolean) #21

Do track your starting and ending odometer every day along with any food or tolls, keep receipts and logs. This is all deductible. And make sure your car insurance covers rideshare. Also, keep an eye on car depreciation, you may want to drive a different car. Plan to put 1000 miles a week on it, it will probably be history in four years… So plan on the next car now or soon… But this is the most fun job!

(Trish Richardson) #22

I agree…I’ve done this almost 2 years and I really enjoy but I’m on my second car and put almost 100 thousand miles on it in a year…just KNOW that you need to trade car in yearly

(Lance Rodriguez) #23

Food is NOT deductible. One of the most common things found invalid on an audit is food expenses.

(Melinda Foster) #24

Yes, track your odometer from the time you leave your house to the time you return home. Uber and Lyft only track the mileage for actual rides. Set up a home office as well. Doesn’t have to be much, just a small space dedicated to your rideshare business. I have a small desk from Freecycle in a corner where I keep my records and do paperwork, but that counts as my home office.

(Bector Ernest) #25

Thanks everyone for all if the positive advice! When you’re a single parent working a job not meeting your financial needs, but found something you enjoy that does exactly that when you least expected it, it becomes a satisfying thing. I don’t slack when it comes to paying my bills and take care if my child. I keep going. :blush:

(Kelly Hector) #26

Good luck . I couldn’t make that leap . I have a family and kids a mortgage and 3 car payments . UBER/LYFT are to inconsistent .

(Jack Dolen) #27

Push the referrals, and get all the promotions. An extra $500 won’t hurt.

(Lisa Markee) #28

See, this is why I don’t post alot of shit pertaining to my personal life on social media. It’s always someone negative like your ass that can’t respect someone’s decision if they feel like it was for the better. What works for me may not work for you. EVERYONE’S BACKGROUND IS DIFFERENT. There was a woman who commented on here yesterday that works at the Lyft corporate office in Chicago and she started off driving for Lyft and look how it’s helped her. It’s always that one idiot that gotta be a debbie ass downer.

(Christian Odom) #29

My mentor meeting was with a woman who has been doing it for 3 years and she said it was the best decision she’s made so that makes me feel good about my decision to do the same. I am doing this so I can have a flexible schedule to help care for my elderly parents. I have been in Corporate HR for 20 years and it is time for a change. Best of luck to you in your city! I am glad to see others who have decided to do the same as myself.

(Brahim Decker) #30

See thank you so much Carol! Seee his made me feel so much better. Honestly some of these comments on here made me feel like I was making a very bad move but there are people on here that have done it and they said that it was the best decision they have made. So I thank you for actually taking the time to understand how much of a positive impact this has helped me. I don’t feel under alot of stress I work at my own pace. It’s a great feeling! :blush:

(Cody Parker) #31

I’m on my 3rd week driving with Lyft/Uber and one mistake I have made is being on here for 2 hours reading comments laughing out loud when I could of been out driving making money :moneybag: :joy:!

(Marsha_Smith) #32

Oh wait I see Chicago…the cost of living is very different than the Bay Area…well good luck to you.

(Chris Stipe) #33

I regret my decision because you can be deactivated wrongfully and have no way of making income, if your sick you can’t work and bills cannot be paid

(Rakesh Sharma) #34

I understand. But everyone’s background is different. Best if luck to you and hope you get well :blush:

(Abdul Karim) #35

I can tell you have thought this through. Staying at a stifling job out of fear is not usually a good decision either. Good for you for making the leap. Keep your heart open to where it leads you. Just like any self employed entrepreneur needs to do, build a safety net of savings and insurance to help even out any impact of downtime.

(Snyder Reed) #36

How do you make any money? I did it in Phoenix az and loved it. Then they messed with rates and ruined it. .90 a mile you kidding. Have things changed?

(Hassan) #37

Good luck but I would never recommend this job to anyone. I hope you are accurately looking at your coats

(Laura Lee) #38

I quit my job 2 yrs ago and do very well in the San Francisco market. I’m very pleased. However, I am a senior and I don’t need benefits.

(Abel) #39

It is the best part time job in America. I do it full-time also but also have income from houses that I rent out.

(Chris Stipe) #40

You probably got a lot of hate for your original post. I’m here to say,
“You do you, boo boo. You do you.”