Finding a CLEAN spot to use the restroom

Let’s talk about pooping, shall we? Seriously, we are going to broach the subject as it pertains to rideshare. As many of you have figured out, finding a CLEAN spot to use the restroom, especially if you are female or a guy that needs to go #2, can be a challenge. The worst is late at night when restaurants close their lobbies. Very simple solution that many people often overlook…hotels. Most hotels keep their lobby open 24 hours and most have very clean restrooms in the lobby area. The best bets are mid range 2-3 star chains such as Holiday Inn, Courtyard, Fairfield, etc. Devan McDonaldseeks out the higher end chains that have the hand salts for hand washing, but I find that is unnecessary. This tip of the day brought to you by Charmin Ultra Soft.

Good post. Another is that if you know when your “window” is every day, make a plan to not miss it.

That is a good idea :bulb:. Me being a lady in all, I’m not going to tell you what my alternatives have been at 2/3:00am. Hmmmm :eyes:. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I was in the military for over 10 years, active duty…so uhhh… use your imagination lol

I find hospital are extremely clean and pharmacy​ like Walgreens

Hospitals are full of sick people. Ain’t tryin’ to catch ebola today.

I go home if I can…otherwise I hold it. Sometimes there’s no holding it and at that point I don’t care where I go.

go to Trump Hotel, and take a nice deuce in their toilets.

pee and “miss” the urinals

Step out of the car and whip it out in poorly lit areas with no activity nearby.

Bring ur phone and act like u are talking on it when u go in the hotel lobby, if u look too suspicious the desk clerk will question you.

2 years of doing it no one has said a word to me. I just act like I’m going to my room. I don’t really think they care.

Porta potty at the airport waiting lot bahahahahahahaha

I only use QT. Best bathrooms ever.

QT’s bathrooms have gone to shit lately. Hotels have much cleaner bathrooms that QT.

Gone to shit?!?!? Lol

QTs can be ok pre-lunch and dinner rush.
Unless it’s by Love Field.

I dropped a deuce at the LaQuinta at Empire Central and 183 last night…not too far from Love Field. I give them a B+.

Some hotels are a-holes… didnt want to let me in without a room key (guests only). One was ok with it when i explained i am an uber driver and i just dropped off a guest to their hotel.

Do it before work. Also top off tank before work. Save time and stay focused

I don’t drive any more, but at least in Socal, Jack-in-the-Box cleans their restrooms every hour.