Fellow drivers...please read as you may (hopefully not though) find yourself in this situation

I was involved in an accident on Thursday. Very minor and no injuries and am not at fault.
This happened with a Lyft pax in my car. Lyft has deactivated my account until scratches are repaired.

I had earnings still in my account. I rely on express pay for getting my bills paid on time. Since the account is deactivated, I am unable to express pay and must wait for weekly deposit that will come through by end of next week.

If you get in an accident, IMMEDIATELY withdraw your funds. You will have to wait for your money if they deactivate you.

Also, if you weren’t already aware, Lyft’s deductible is $2,500.

Safe driving out there guys! Hope this was helpful!

So if its not your fault file the insurance claim under the person that hit you.

not quite how it works. I’ve been in 2 other accidents before where I wasn’t at fault. You have to file through your own, then when claim is closed they at fault insurance reimbursed you and your insurance.

Wrong!! If it’s the other persons fault you can open a claim with their insurance company and you don’t even have to notify your own unless you are making a medical claim.

They tend to do that. Nobody actually wants to pay after all. When I was rear ended the guy who had a land rover and a brand new honda on his policy, his insurance claimed it had lapsed. Wouldn’t tell me when , but when I finally forced their hand they came up with “Well just a few days before the accident”. Yeah right, guys got a land rover and a brand new car on his policy documents, and then he’s going to hand me documents he knows are expired… give me a break. Uber insurance gave me $700 when all the body shops said it should have been totalled.

I was in an accident on Nov 22 other guy hit a deer, his insurance wouldn’t cover it. My car was totaled, Lyft insurance company named York, I still haven’t received my money, it’s true Lyft insurance company deductible is $2500, they don’t return phone calls or emails. Even the managers don’t answer there phone or call back. You have to keep calling until they answer.

Call your insurance company and see if they will add ride-sharing insurance, I heard one driver did it, $500 deductible and he only pays $20 extra a month. But I know many insurance company won’t do it, but its worth checking out.

It may raise a red flag with your insurance if they don’t cover rideshare and they may cancel you if they find out you do rideshare

No they will not cancel you if you do ride-sharing. They just don’t cover anything if you’re doing Uber or Lyft. If it ever happens again, I’m not going to tell my insurance company I was doing ride-sharing.

get state farm rideshare or geico your will be covered it’s great and now no more high deductible

I have Geico, once I get paid for my car, and buy another, I will see what Geico charges. If anyone knows someone selling a car let me know, I’m only getting $2500, that’s all I have to buy a car. Has to be 2006 or newer.

American Family will cancel you in a heartbeat. They get nervous even if you inquire about rideshare coverage. I have mine through Farmers & it’s very inexpensive. It’s written separately so I can call & stop it if I don’t drive for a couple weeks or when on vacation etc.

So sorry that happened, but regarding $, I transfer $ to GOBANK daily so my $ is always available.

Sorry to hear of your predicament. Honestly living that close to not being able to pay my bills would scare me to death. I always try to keep a prudent reserve. Some of these commenters don’t understand that you need to report accidents immediately to Lyft or Uber. If you don’t I’m sure you’ll be deactivated and banned for life.

I’m so sorry. That sucks! I was in an accident last week. I have a crack across my whole bumper and a dent in my trunk but I was on Uber and they said minor cosmetic damage shouldn’t keep me from earning money. But I’m in Dallas. Every car has damage because people here drive like maniacs.

I’m glad they’re letting you still drive!! My scratches are hardly noticeable so it really doesn’t make sense that they would deactivate me :cry:

If it was the other driver’s fault then their insurance should be paying for the damage. So you deductable of $2500 shouldn’t matter here correct?

You pay upfront and you get refunded by the at fault insurance once case is closed which can take up to a year

I was in an accident NYE other guys fault. I told Lyft I will not be pursuing a claim through their insurance due the accident not being my fault. They chooses out the case…

You pay. I had a no fault accident with passengers in my car. T-Boned. Other driver left the scene on foot. $8000. damage. They repaired it but I had to pay $2500 deductible.